CAST Extend Offline is deprecated. Please use CAST Extend local server instead.

This package provides CAST's Extend system ( as an "offline" component which can be installed as an on-premises solution and is designed to be used in the following situations:

This package:

  • is only required if, due to security concerns, your organization cannot interact over the public internet with CAST's Extend system for Extension management.
  • should only be installed once per organization
  • can be installed only on Windows servers
  • is provided empty in v. ≥ 1.1.0 and content must be uploaded before it can be used - see Update CAST Extend Offline with new content
  • updates to existing extensions and the addition of new extensions is supported via a manual update process - see Update CAST Extend Offline with new content
  • a GUI is available for CAST Extend Offline - this is identical to the GUI offered in Browsing to http://<server>:<port> will auto redirect to http://<server>:<port>/#/search-results:

See below for more information: