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Summary: this page provides information about the CAST Storage Service (CSS) - a standalone RDBMS based on the PostgreSQL project that can be used to host the storage requirements of CAST AIP.

What is the CAST Storage Service?

The CAST Storage Service is a standalone RDBMS built specifically for use as a storage host with CAST AIP / AIP Console (i.e. to host the database schemas). Technically, the CAST Storage Service is a customized PostgreSQL RDBMS with its own installer specifically for Windows. Some configuration settings are specifically tuned to optimize use with CAST AIP.

What about PostgreSQL?

It is also possible to host a PostgreSQL RDBMS on Linux, instead of using the CAST Storage Service on a Windows operating system. PostgreSQL installed on Linux has consistently proven to provide better performance than CAST Storage Service installed on Windows. See CAST Storage Service - PostgreSQL deployment on Linux or Docker for more information.

Release notes and information

See CAST Storage Service - Release Notes

Deployment requirements

See CAST Storage Service - Deployment requirements

Download and installation process

Please see CAST Storage Service - Installation process for more information about:

  • How to obtain the CAST Storage Service
  • Installation prerequisites
  • Installation process

Also see CAST Storage Service - What to expect after installation.

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