The Architecture Library (available in ≥ 1.2.0) provides a set of predefined Layers and Sets that can be re-used for both Architecture Models and Quality Rule Models. It also allows (in ≥ 1.2.1) existing Layers and Sets in Architecture Models and Quality Rule Models to be added to the Architecture Library for re-use in other models - these are added under Custom Layers and Custom Sets.

Items in the library are listed in alphabetical order:

Note that:

  • When creating an Architecture Model, both Layers and Sets are available
  • When creating a Quality Rule Model, only Sets are available
  • An item in the library may consist of more than one Layer or Set.

Re-using a layer or set

To re-use a predefined or custom layer or set listed in the Architecture Library, right click the item and select Add to model:

The item will then appear in the Layers and Sets window from where you can drag it into your model:

When an item is re-used in a Model:

  • its name will be prefixed with the name of the item so that it can be more easily identified.
  • the item is part of the Model and are not connected to the library - therefore they can be modified and renamed just like any manually created Layer or Set.


The Filter field allows you to enter character strings to "filter" the display of items in the window. Filtering is instant - i.e. it occurs as soon as any strings are entered in the field.

Adding a custom layer or set to the library

In ≥ 1.2.1, it is possible to add existing Layers or Sets in your Architecture Models and Quality Rule Models to the Library for re-use in other models. To do so, right click the header of the Layer or Set and choose Add to Library:

Choose a Name and Description for the item and click Save:

The Custom item will appear as a Custom Layer or a Custom Set:

When an item is added to the Library, a corresponding .CASTArchitect file (named with the name used when saving the item) is created on the local machine in the following location, therefore Custom items are specific to the machine on which Architecture Checker has been installed:


Illegal characters in the item name

  • When saving an item using a name containing one of the characters listed below, the name of the model will remain the same, and the name of the file will be the same but any of the "illegal" characters will be removed: 
    • \
    • /
    • :
    • *
    • ?
    • "
    • <
    • >

Incorrect format files

Where a .CASTArchitect file exists in the %APPDATA%\CAST\Archi-Checker-QR\CustomLibrary folder which does not correspond to a standard Architecture Model format file, a message is displayed in the Log window when the Library items are loaded:

Click to enlarge

Remove a custom layer or set from the Library

If you no longer need the custom Layer or Set in the Library, you can remove it by right clicking the item and selecting Remove from Library: