CAST AIP Docker Installer - Linux installation

Step 1 - Ensure deployment requirements are in place

Ensure that all requirements are in place. This includes the installation of any third-party software that is required to run Docker. Installation and configuration of third-party software is out of scope of this documentation, however, some tips can be found in the following documentation: 



Step 2 - Download and unpack CAST AIP Docker Installer

The installation files are available as an extension (CAST AIP Docker Installer) published by CAST - see Download the extension from CAST Extend using curl:

curl -O -J "" -H "x-nuget-apikey: <key>" -H "accept: application/octet-stream"

Then unpack the ZIP that has been downloaded:


The following files will be produced when the extension is unzipped:

start_docker_caip.bat (for Microsoft Windows) (for Linux) (for Linux)

Step 3 - Run the installer

Choose the installer you would like to run for more information: