Summary: this page provides an explanation of the CAST Extend Website:

CAST Extend is not supported when using Internet Explorer.


The CAST Extend website is the main "hub" for managing extensions. Extensions can be downloaded (official and custom) and uploaded (custom) in a modern graphical interface accessible in your browser. Access requires registration but is open to all active/current CAST customers and CAST partners. If you require a temporary account, please contact CAST Support.

Sign In

Before you can download/upload an extension using the CAST Extend website, you must first Sign In with your unique login/password. To do so, click the Sign In button in the top right corner of the CAST Extend home screen:

A new screen will be displayed in which you can either enter your user name and password (if you have already registered), or register for access if you have not already done so:

Click OK to sign in.

Register for access

To register for access, click the Register button in the top right corner of the CAST Extend home screen (alternatively you can click Sign In and then choose Register):

Fill in the required fields to create your account and then click Register - note that your email domain name must be preset on a list of valid CAST customer domains before you can register. If you are unable to register due to this, please contact CAST Support.

An email will be sent to your chosen email address when you click the Register button. Please make sure that you click the link contained in the email to ensure that your registration is processed correctly:

Account Management

Clicking your login name in the top right corner will display a screen enabling you to manage your account:


Use this option to update and change your CAST Extend profile and various other settings.

LogoutClick to log out of CAST Extend.
AboutDisplays the current release number for CAST Extend.

Use this option to create a new package to update CAST Extend Offline with new content.


The Profile option enables you to update various settings related to your account:

API Key The API key uniquely identifies your account and is required if you want to use a command line script to upload extensions for sharing with others.
Settings tab

Contains profile update settings:

Upload new avatarUpload an image file to replace the icon used to identify you throughout CAST Extend.
My infoUpdate the First and Last names associated with your account.

CAST Extend can be configured to periodically send out emails containing information about the latest releases available in CAST Extend. By default this email notification will never be sent out, however, you can update the settings to send out email:

Change passwordUpdate your account password.
Publications tabThis tab enables you to Manage uploaded extensions.