Before beginning the application rescan process, ensure the following prerequisites are completed:

Ensure you have generated a snapshot for the previous version(tick)You should ensure that a snapshot exists for "vN-1" (previous version) of your Application source code. You can check this using the Application - Snapshots screen.
Prepare source code for new version(tick)

Source code can be delivered in two ways:

ZIP fileSource code can be prepared in a ZIP (or tar.gz) file.
Source code folderYou can alternatively place source code in a predefined folder which your AIP Node can access. See Administration Center - Settings - Source Folder Location for more details about how to configure this.

CAST recommends organizing different source code into dedicated folders. For example:

	----Java source code folder
	----SQL source code folder
Access AIP Console(tick)To access AIP Console, use the following URL (ensure you specify the correct server and port number): http://<server>:8081/ui/index.html.