Note that the CAST DB2 z/OS Extractor is only for use with CAST AIP ≤ 8.2.x. If you are using a more recent release of CAST AIP, analysis of DB2 z/OS is handled by the SQL Analyzer extension.

This admin guide provides information about configuring the CAST DB2 Extractor to extract DB2 information stored on a z/OS server. The files that result from the extraction can be understood by the CAST DB2 Analyzer. Once the extraction is complete, the files must be fed into the CAST Delivery Manager Tool for packaging.


To better understand the information provided herein, you should:

  • Have a good working knowledge of z/OS (instructions are provided in this document that explain how to carry out certain processes in the z/OS execution environment)
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the extractor