Import an Application Backup

This option should only be used if you need to test an Application on other Management Service (i.e. a different CAST Management Studio environment).

If you have used the Backup an Application action, you may need to import the backup into the CAST Management Studio:

To do so:

  • In the Applications view, right click white space and select Import an Application backup
  • A Windows Open dialog box will be displayed enabling you to choose the .CastAppbck archive file that will contain the backup
  • The import will then proceed.

Note the following:

  • You cannot import an Application that already exists in the Source Code Delivery Folder (regardless of whether the Application is visible in the CAST Management Studio or not). An error will occur.
  • Once imported, any Versions that were backed up will be placed at the Delivery Done status in the Current Version tab in the Application editor. You need to use the Set as current version action to deploy the packages and start working with the Application.

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