Backup an Application

This option should only be used if you are requested to send an Application Backup to Support or you need to test an Application on other Management Service (i.e. a different CAST Management Studio environment).

This option enables you to backup an Application to file.

To use the option:

  • In the Applications view, right click an Application and select Backup Application
  • A Windows Save As dialog box will be displayed enabling you to choose the location and name of the .CastAppbck archive file that will contain the backup
  • The backup will then proceed.
  • The resulting .CastAppbck file will be a compressed archive.
What is backed up?

The backup process will make a carbon copy of the Application. This means two things:

  • all items configured within the Application in the CAST Management Studio and all configuration options within the Application will also be saved. For example:
    • Versions
    • Analysis Units and their options
    • Analysis and Production options
    • Dependencies
    • User Input Security configuration
    • Associated Architecture Models
    • User Defined Modules
  • the Application and all data stored in the Source Code Delivery Folder. For example:
    • Versions
    • Source Code Pakages
What is not backed up?

The following is not backed up:

  • snapshot data stored in the Dashboard or Measurement Services
  • analysis results stored in the Analysis Service
  • deployed source code stored in the Source Code Deployment Folder
How do I import an Application backup?

Please see Import an Application Backup for more information.

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