The primary use of Editors is to provide editing capabilities for an element selected in a View. For example:

You can find out more detailed information about the CAST Management Studio Editors in CAST Management Studio - Editors.


Editors are displayed by double clicking an element in a view. In the example below, a dashboard service element in the Services view has been double clicked:

Editors can be stacked in the editing area as shown below:

The item circled in red indicates that there are three further tabs open. Clicking the item will display a "sub-dialog box" in which you can select the relevant editor:

Those in bold font are the editors that are already visible.

Scrolling through available editors

You can use the CTRL+F6 shortcut to scroll through all available editors. Hold down the CTRL key and tap F6 - a dialog box will be displayed showing all available editors. Keep holding the CTRL down and tap F6 to cycle through the editors - release F6 when the required view is highlighted to display the editor.

Closing an editor

To close a view, click the X on the editor's tab:

Saving modifications

Unlike other Windows applications, when a change is made in an editor, no * symbol is displayed in the editor's tab to indicate that a modification requires saving. This is because it is not possible to save individual editors, instead the save process is global. See Save All for more information.

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