Assessment Models view

This section provides a detailed description of the Assessment Models view. This view essentially provides a means for you to manage your Assessment Models - i.e. the models that govern the Quality Rules/Distributions/Measures that are used in the Snapshot generation process.


  • This view will display Assessment Models as follows (see the Dashboard Service editor for more information):
    • the default Assessment Model supplied by CAST during the installation - CAST <version> Assessment Model
    • those that have been manually created using the button - Default Assessment Model (CAST AIP <version> + Extensions)-N
    • Assessment Models imported from the Dashboard Service using the Import Assessment Models option located in the Dashboard Service editor
Assessment Models shortcut menus

The following shortcut menu items are available in the view:

Assessment Model selected

Edit Use this option to modify the properties of your Assessment Model. The Assessment Model editor will be displayed.
Remove Please see Remove.

Note that removing an Assessment Model can take several minutes depending on the hardware resources and activity. Indeed, an Assessment Model is composed of thousands of items that can be referenced in other parts of the configuration and removal must ensure data integrity while deleting items.

No item selected

Calculate the difference between two Assessment Models Use this option to compare two Assessment Models. A dialog will open enabling you to choose the two Assessment Models you want to compare:

  • Choose the Assessment Models by clicking the drop down box and selecting the appropriate Assessment Models in the A and B fields. Note that the Assessment Model must already be visible in the Assessment Models view before you can choose it for comparison purposes.
  • Then choose a name and location for the result file. Results will be output to a .CSV file which can be opened with Microsoft Excel or other compatible editor. Only differences are listed in the results.
New Assessment model Use this option to create a brand new Assessment Model. An item named Default Assessment Model (CAST AIP <version> + Extensions)-N will be displayed in the view.
  • The new Assessment Model will contain the default Assessment Model provided with your release of CAST AIP
  • If you have installed any official or custom CAST AIP Extensions that include an Assessment Model "fragment", i.e. specific Quality Rules/Measures/Distributions etc. then this fragment (and the specific Quality Rules/Measures/Distributions) will also be included in the new Assessment Model that is created.
  • When you add a new Assessment Model it will not be assigned to any Dashboard Service database and therefore won't be used when you generate a snapshot. If you need to use the new Assessment Model when you generate a snapshot, please see the Assessment Model tab in the Dashboard Service editor for more information.
Assessment Models view buttons

The following buttons are available in the view:

Calculate the difference between two Assessment Models > See above
New Assessment model > See above
View Menu > Alternative method for accessing toolbar buttons
Minimize > Minimize the entire window
Maximize > Maximize the entire window
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