Assessment Models editor

This section provides a detailed description of the Assessment Models editor. This editor essentially provides a means for you to configure new and edit existing Assessment Models - i.e. the models that govern the Metrics and Quality Rules that are used in the Snapshot generation process.

Assessment Models are displayed in the Assessment Models view: you can create Assessment Models from scratch in the Assessment Models view, or you can import the Assessment Model from your Dashboard Service using the Dashboard Service editor in Expert mode (this Assessment Model is installed by default on the Dashboard Service during the CAST installation process).

Changes made in the editor

Remember that any changes you make to an Assessment Model using this editor will be automatically taken into account during the the next snapshot generation process (this will include a synchronization of the Assessment Model back to the associated Dashboard Service). Changes will therefore be visible in the CAST Dashboard.

You can also manually synchronize the Assessment Model with your Dashboard Service using the Dashboard Service editor in Expert mode - however, this may result in erroneous display in the CAST Dashboard until a new snapshot has been generated.


Main Field Headings
Name Displays the name of your Assessment Model.

In the case of newly created Assessment Models, this will be displayed as My Assessment Model and all other fields will be empty

You can edit the field by selecting it and then modifying or replacing as appropriate. Please see Naming constraints for more information.

The editor is divided into a series of tabs and sub tabs, with each tab corresponding to a specific function in the Assessment Model. Each is explained in more detail below:

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