Add a Version

A Version specifies the version name/number and Date of Release for any source code you want to deliver. It is used to manage successive iterations of source code. New Versions are created when the Application's source code changes and you want to measure these changes.

CAST recommends that the addition of Versions is left to the Delivery Managers (using the CAST Delivery Manager Tool via the CAST AIC Portal). However, if you (as the CAST AI Administrator) need to package source code, then you can add Versions as instructed below:

  • Open an existing Application and move to the Delivery tab
  • Click the Add Version option located at the top of the tab:

  • The Add Version wizard will then be displayed:

  • If the Application already contains a Version or Versions, you will be prompted to choose which existing Version in the current Application you want to copy - you can copy any existing version, however you will be forced to set a Version Date that is later than the Version Date of the existing Version you have chosen. The new Version will contain the same source code packages as the existing Version you have copied but no source code will be added and you will need to re-extract each source code package.
  • Choose a Version Name for your Version (such as Vn+1 or an internal code name is recommended). The Version name will be visible in the CAST Dashboard. Note that it is not possible to create a Version with the same name as an existing Version.
  • Do not select the Copy source code option unless you are in an upgrade scenario and are working with a Migrated Version.
  • The Discoverers to activate option allows you to specify the discoverers you would like to enable in the existing packages that will be copied into the new Version (in normal circumstances, newly installed discoverers are not enabled by default for existing packages (only for new packages). You can enter either any of the following (if you enter multiple discoverers, separate them with a semi-colon).
    • "HTML5 project" (Web Files Discoverer extension)
    • "XML scanner" (DMT Framework Scanner extension)

    Note that this option is specifically targeted for CAST AIP upgrades when you are generating the post-upgrade consistency snapshot and need to enable specific discoverers in existing packages to maintain consistency.

  • Choose a Release Date using year, month, day, hour and minutes - this refers to the date your source code was released. You must choose a release date that is later than the Release Date set for the copied Version.
  • The Start DMT option is selected by default - this will launch the CAST Delivery Manager Tool immediately after clicking the Finish button enabling you to package the source code you require. You do not have to select this now - you can launch the CAST Delivery Manager Tool at a later time using the Manage Delivery option in the Delivery tab (Application editor).
  • Click Finish to complete the configuration.
  • Depending on the choice made for the option Start Delivery, either:
    • the CAST Delivery Manager Tool will launch (see the CAST Delivery Manager Tool help for more information about packaging your source code)
    • the Version will be added and displayed in the Application editor (Delivery tab).

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