Disabling automatic backup during Application and schema upgrade

This documentation is valid only for Console ≥ 2.5.


When performing an application / schema upgrade as described in Application and schema upgrade using AIP Console, a backup of the Application's Management, Analysis and Dashboard schemas and the delivery folder is performed automatically and the backup stored in Administration Center - Applications - Application Details. If you want to disable this backup process (perhaps because the backup duration is very long or you do not have enough free disk space), you can do so as described below. CAST does not recommend disabling this automatic backup - please ensure that you have other means to roll back if an error occurs during the application / schema upgrade process.

Disable the backup

Enterprise mode:

  • The backup process is performed by the Node that is running the application / schema upgrade, therefore if you want to disable the automatic backup for all your Nodes, you must repeat the process described below on all Nodes.
  • This configuration is present by default in the %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\AIP-Node\application.yml file, however, you should always edit the application-default.yml for customization purposes since it overrides the content of application.yml and the file is never overwritten during an upgrade of the Node.

Locate and edit the following properties file:

Enterprise mode: %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\AIP-Node\application-default.yml
Standalone mode: %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\AIP-Console-Standalone\application-standalone.yml

Copy the following into the file - the line enabled: false disables the automatic backup:

          # Set this option to false in order to prevent backup to be performed during the AIP Core upgrade. Default to true.
          enabled: false

Save the file and then restart the Node (enterprise mode) or Console (standalone mode) so that the change is taken into account.