Summary: This section describes the how to apply configuration options to an Application for which a Version exists and has been Set as current version.


When a Version exists and has been Set as current version for a given Application, you can then access configuration options to help you fine-tune the settings before you generate a snapshot.

Access the options

Move to the Console screen if you are not already there:

Locate the Application and click it:

Click the Config icon on the left to access the options:

Panel options and banners

Run actions

The option allows you to run actions such as analysis, upload to Imaging, upload Dashboards:

Update banner

Following an initial deep analysis when working in Workflow - Application onboarding with Fast Scan, any change to the application configuration, for example:

  • addition of an Architecture Model
  • reviewing of Dynamic Links
  • addition of an Update Application Schema job
  • transaction configuration
  • module configuration etc.

will cause a banner to be displayed (when any tab is in focus) to inform you that a configuration change has been made and that your data should be updated. If the "Update" button is clicked, then a job will run to ensure that all data is correct and prepared ready for the next upload to CAST Imaging job:

Available options