AIP Console - Architecture Studio - Library Components


Software architecture is becoming more and more complex and can involve various components and patterns. The library provides a means to store frequently used Layers and Sets that can be inserted (with their definition) into Architecture Models/Quality Models or Templates, so that you do not need to define the same Sets and Layers again and again. Take the following example:

  • Any Layer or Set that exists in an Architecture Model/Quality Model or in a Template can be saved and stored in the Library.
  • When subsequently building a new Architecture Model/Quality Model (either to use in an analysis/snapshot or as a basis for a template), Layers and Sets stored in the Library can be re-used therefore reducing the time needed to build the Model.

Therefore, like Architecture/Quality Templates, they can facilitate the creation of Architecture Models/Quality Models:

  • Some elements are supplied with Console (standard library elements)
  • Elements can be created manually from existing Architecture Models (custom/user defined library elements)

You can manage library components using the following menu:

Available options

CreateThis option enables you to create a brand new Library Component using the interface available in Console. Choose a name of the item, then click OK to start the editing process - see AIP Console - Architecture Studio - Model editor for more information.

Use this button to import a Library Component created with the end-user application CAST Architecture Checker or one that has been saved to file using Console (i.e. a .castarchitect file). The item will be displayed in the list. Imported items are stored in the following location:

≥ 2.x


User Defined

Use this option to toggle the display of components based on their type:

No filter in place, all Library Components are displayed (both standard provided with AIP Console and custom/user defined).
Filtering in place, only custom/user defined Library Components are displayed - i.e. standard components are hidden.

Search Components

Use this to search for a specific Library Component. Search will be performed on the file name and/or the Name of the model. The list of items will be filtered based on the search term entered.
NameName of the existing Library ModelRolling your mouse pointer over the name of the model will reveal the Description assigned to the model.
File Name

Name of the .castarchitect file assigned to the model. Files are stored in the following location:

≥ 2.x



  • for items created from scratch, the file name will automatically take the form "<Name>.CASTArchitect"
  • for imported items, the file name will have been determined when the item was saved in the end-user application CAST Architecture Checker or in Console.
  • File names cannot be changed.
  • You will alerted if you attempt to create or import an item with the same name as another item that is already present in the list.

Indicates the compatibility of the Library Component:

Can be used with both Architecture Models and Quality Rule Models.
Can only be used with Architecture Models.

Indicates the type of component:

A custom/user defined library component that has been manually created.
A standard library component supplied with Console.

Indicates the validity of the Library Component. A red warning icon will be displayed if a component has an error (not related to metamodel) - for example a bad configuration:

Any component that is "invalid" will not be available in the Library Components drop down in the AIP Console - Architecture Studio - Model editor.

Last ModifiedDisplays the date the component was last modified. For imported components that have not been subsequently modified in Console, the date the model was imported will be displayed.



Use this option to edit the component in the Model editor. Components provided by CAST (standard components) will be opened in read-only mode.


Use this option to download the component (whether created from scratch or imported from file) to .castarchitect file.


Use this option to remove a custom component (standard components provided by CAST cannot be removed). Removing a Model cannot be reversed. Ensure you download the .castarchitect file if you need to re-use the component.

Update of standard Library Components provided by CAST

The update of standard library components provided in CAST Extend is actioned automatically. This will occur roughly 2 minutes after the Console service has been (re-)started, then once per day each time the "SAVE" button is pressed in any of the Console System Settings (whether a field has been changed or not).

Using Library Components

See AIP Console - Architecture Studio - Model editor.