CAST Architecture Checker enables enterprise design and architecture checks for an application. Enterprise Architects can capture and store Application Models, and check overtime real applications against these models. CAST enables real enterprise architecture checks as it offers checks of applications built using multiple languages and technologies. It fully leverages CAST's cross-language, cross-technology capabilities, and CAST end-to-end application analysis.

Until recently, it was difficult to do architecture conformance checks because architecture rules had to be very generic. Now, with the Architecture Checker, Enterprise Architects can define architectures models that fit their specific application designs. Checking overtime actual applications against these architecture models is very important to avoid any Security and Robustness issues.

The goal of Architecture Checker is also to help define quality rules at the application and design level without any programming. Most engines that help to check design and architecture rules require users to master a programming language and a specific API. CAST Architecture Checker enables the definition of quality and architecture rules just by drag and drop.

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In summary, CAST Architecture Checker provides a means for you to create two types of Model that reflect a business application or set of applications:

  • an Architecture Model that allows you to -
    • Define the contents of Layers/Sets in terms of objects resulting from a CAST AIP analysis / snapshot generation
    • Define authorizations (forbidden or allowed depending on the choice made when creating the Model) between layers
    • Check your model in "live" mode against the results of a snapshot that has already been generated to get an idea of the "violations" of the Architecture Model that may exist
    • Re-use the Model in the CAST Management Studio or in the AIP Console: when your application or set of applications is then analyzed, the Architecture Model will be taken into account
    • Re-view the results and information in the CAST Engineering Dashboard as a default Architecture Checker "rule". Violations of the Architecture Model are reported as violations to this default rule
  • a Quality Rule Model that allows you to - 
    • Define two default Sets: Scope (the scope of objects that will be tested) and Violations (the objects that appears in results as violations)
    • Define the contents of these Sets using additional sets and dependencies between them
    • Check the model in "live" mode against the results of a snapshot that is already generated to get an idea of the "violations" of the Quality Rule Model that may exist
    • Export the Quality Rule Model as a CAST AIP extension - you can install this extension so that it integrates with the standard CAST AIP Assessment Model
    • Review the results and violations in the 
    • CAST Engineering Dashboard