Note that CAST highly recommends updating to the new release of Console to take advantage of new features and bug fixes. See Upgrade process for more information about this.

Compatibility matrix

ComponentRequired releaseNotes
RESTAPI for embedded dashboards (when using standalone or Windows JAR installers)

RESTAPI 2.8.0-funcrel:

  • Enterprise mode = JAR installer
  • Standalone mode = JAR installer
You must use the RESTAPI provided with the current release of Console, otherwise there is no guarantee of compatibility.
CAST Imaging≥ 2.5.2-funcrel-



Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
39036Fixes an issue where project exclusion rules have been altered after upgrade to Console V2 and a schema upgrade to AIP Core 8.3.47.
38915Fixes an issue where C++ analysis unit configuration options were lost during upgrade to Console V2.
39025Fixes an issue where the com.castsoftware.entity extension was not installed automatically when Entity related source code was delivered in a folder called "npm".
38854Fixes an issue where clicking "add version" is not working and is resulting in a 404 error page after an upgrade to Console V2.
38793Fixes an issue where content discovery is crashing during the add version step stating "The actual exclusion patterns may have excluded the sources path".


Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
38575Fixes an issue where Console was still taking too long to load data after upgrade to 2.5.3 - related to Overview page.
38863Fixes an issue where Perl Analysis Units are not detected when running a consistency snapshot following un upgrade from Console V1 to V2.


Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
38575Fixes an issue where Console is taking 20+ mins to load applications after upgrade to 2.5.2.


Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
38492Fixes an issue where the snapshot is run on a different node than the one assigned.
38575Fixes an issue where the Node was taking 20+mins to start after being upgraded to 2.5.1.
38492Fixes an issue in to send the selected node in the request header.

Known Issues

Internal IdDetails
WEBI-13501Enterprise mode: Actions in the page Transactions/Settings and Function Point/AFP Count, are not using the Node assigned to the application. This issue will be addressed in a future release.
WEBI-13504When a Node assigned to a specific application is restarted, its instance ID changes and therefore any jobs actioned on the given application will fail. This issue will be addressed in a future release.


Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
WEBI-13404Fixes an issue where only 10 Analysis Units were displayed in the UI even if there were more Analysis Units present in the technology.
WEBI-13394Fixes a minor issue where the version name was not displayed in the Run Analysis dialog box after performing an initial version delivery without analysis.
WEBI-13390Fixes an issue where a delay was seen when clicking Run Analysis and the analysis process actually starting.
WEBI-13388Fixes an issue in the modern onboarding workflow where clicking "Process" in the main Console landing page for an application that has already been onboarded redirects the user to the legacy "Add Version" dialog box instead of the modern "Overview" page.
WEBI-13387Fixes an issue in the legacy workflow where clicking "Add version" in the main Console landing page for a given application does not do anything.
WEBI-13370Fixes an issue with the SSO (single sign on) between Console standalone and CAST Imaging where the two are installed on different machines. A hardcoded instance of "localhost" was preventing the SSO from working correctly in this situation: this is now fixed.
WEBI-13369Fixes an issue with the SSO (single sign on) between Console standalone and CAST Imaging: when clicking on the Application specific "Imaging" icon in Console, the user will be taken directly to the correct Application rather than the Imaging landing page.


New Features

Technical - store analyzed source code in encrypted formatIt is now possible to store analyzed source code in encrypted format in CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL. See

Feature Improvements

Technical - NuGet Resources ExtractorIt is now possible to configure the depth to which referenced dependencies will be extracted from the defined NuGet repository. This setting (called "depthLevel") is available in the application.yml file on each Node. See
UI - Analysis Units - bulk activation/deactivationIt is now possible to bulk activate or deactivate Analysis Units using the Config > Analysis settings. Previously it was only possible to activate or deactivate individual Analysis Units.
UI - Modern onboarding workflow - consecutive analysisIt is now possible to run consecutive deep analyses on the same source code delivery from the modern onboarding "Overview" panel. Previously, the Run Analysis option was disabled once an initial analysis had been completed: this is no longer the case.
UI - Snapshot managementIt is now possible to delete multiple snapshots in one go using the legacy onboarding workflow. Previously this action was not possible. See
UI - Modern onboarding workflow - exclude individual filesIt is now possible to exclude individual files from the deep analysis process using the modern onboarding "Overview" panel. Files can be excluded by clicking them in the right panel of the Source Code Explorer section:
UI - Modern onboarding workflow - no source codeThe modern onboarding workflow is now able to handle a source code delivery in which no source code related files have been delivered: the modern onboarding "Overview" panel will be displayed, however, the ability to run an analysis and upload data to CAST Imaging/Dashboards will be disabled.
UI - Modern onboarding workflow - deliver new source codeIt is now possible to deliver new source code (via a ZIP file or from a folder) for an existing application (whether a deep analysis has been run or not) via the modern onboarding "Overview" panel. Previously it was not possible to do this and it was necessary to use the legacy onboarding method. See "Upload new" / "Refresh" in
UI - Admin Center - Change Domains for multiple applicationsIt is now possible to change domains for multiple applications in one go using a new icon available in the Admin Center (the icon is enabled when at least one application is selected). See
Technical - "Node_modules" folder is no longer automatically excludedConsole has automatically excluded from analysis (using a folder filter) the folder "Node_modules" for some time, however, starting from 2.5, this automatic filter will no longer be applied. This change is a direct result of a project to expose in the analysis results in CAST Imaging, links between source code and the external libraries located in the "node_modules" folder and as a result, the HTML5/JavaScript analyzer 2.1.14 was updated to scan this folder and create the necessary links and objects - see Note that the "node_modules" folder will be taken into account for the definition of Analysis Units and module definitions. You are also free to manually exclude the "node_modules" folder in Console if required.
Technical - URL to CAST ImagingIf the URL to your CAST Imaging instance has been configured in the Admin Center using "localhost" (see, this will be automatically transformed into "hostname" for the direct links to CAST Imaging that are available in the Application Management panel (see This is so that users that are accessing CAST Console from a remote machine will be able to correct access CAST Imaging.
UI - Application Management panel - Pin favouritesIt is now possible to "pin" specific applications to the top of the table as "favourites". This can help you to locate specific applications you work on more often. See
UI - Application Management panel - FiltersSome changes have been implemented in the Application Management panel ( with regard to the filters: 1) Filters related to Snapshot and Imaging statuses have been grouped in the filter name "Publish" (Ongoing and Done), 2) A new filter called "Discovered" has been added for Applications onboarded via the modern onboarding workflow.
Technical/UI - Analysis Report - changesSome changes have been made to the way in which information is displayed in the Analysis Report section in the Overview panel ( These changes aim to make the display of information more accurate: 1) only file extensions found in the delivered source code will be displayed (previously all possible file extensions were displayed for a grouping of file extensions), 2) the file extension with the largest number found will be displayed as the "primary file extension" in the list, 3) *.prc (JCL technology) are not displayed in this list since they do not usually contain JCL code, 4) some file extensions that are considered as "external" will no longer be displayed in the analysis report.
UI - Modern onboarding workflow - Overview panel - Application SizeThe Application Size information provided in the header section of the modern onboarding Overview panel ( now only reflects the number of lines of code (LoC) in delivered files that are considered programming language types. In other words, non programming file types such as images (.jpg etc.) will not be included.
UI - Modern onboarding workflow - Overview panel - Software CompositionThe Software Composition section in the modern onboarding Overview panel now displays a new column called "Will be Analyzed" - this contains a small icon next to the identified technology to indicate how the technology will be handled by CAST: i.e with a supported extension, with a community extension or not supported at all. See
UI - Modern onboarding workflow - Overview panel - Code readiness informationFollowing the delivery of source code and the initial fast scan, information is now provided to users to inform them about the "readiness" of the source code for deep analysis. Possible deficiencies that would cause incoherent analysis results are now flagged, e.g. CAST has detected calls to SQL code, but no SQL code is delivered. See
UI - Modern onboarding workflow - Overview panel - Identified FrameworksThe Identified Frameworks section in the Overview panel now displays a small icon next to the identified framework to indicate how the framework will be handled by CAST: i.e with a supported extension, with a community extension or not supported at all. See
UI - Modern onboarding workflow - automatic code backupWhen an analysis is started, a full backup of the delivered source code is now created (in ZIP format) so that any manually or automatically (via a filter) excluded folders/files can be removed before the analysis is started. When the analysis action is complete, any excluded files/folders are put back in the original location (for a ZIP file this is the unzip location or directly in the source code folder location). See
UI - Architecture Studio - model checkWhen a model check is actioned in the model editor, details of objects that are matched by layers or sets are now displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen - therefore helping users to get a brief view of the type of objects that have been matched. See
UI - Modern onboarding workflow - Overview panel - Re-discoverIt is now possible to re-run the discovery action for your delivered source code, either by providing new source code, or by re-running the discover on the existing source code (e.g. following the addition of file/folder exclusions). See the Upload New/Refresh and Update Data options in
UI - Modern onboarding workflow - CAST Imaging requiredIn order to perform a deep analysis using the modern onboarding workflow, CAST Imaging must be configured in the Admin Center - if not, the deep analysis will be aborted. See
UI - Modern onboarding workflow - Overview pageSome sections of the modern Overview page now behave differently depending on whether a Fast Scan or a Deep Analysis has been actioned: when a Fast Scan has been actioned all sections are visible and fully expanded except for the "Analsysis Report" section which is not visible. When a Deep Analysis has been actioned, the first two panels are collapse since they only contain Fast Scan related information and the Analysis Reports section is now visible. See
UI - Modern onboarding - Application backup/restoreWhen an application has been onboarded via the modern onboarding workflow, all initial fast scan data is now also backed up and can be restored. See
UI - Modern onboarding workflow - Pre-Analysis and Version pagesThe Pre-Analysis page which was available in previous releases when using the modern onboarding workflow has been removed and its content has been merged with the "Overview" panel. The content of the "Overview" panel now depends on whether you are using modern or legacy workflow. In addition, the "Versions" panel is no longer available. See also
Technical - Application Information extensionThe "Application Information" extension (com.castsoftware.applicationinformation - has been added to the Force Install list and will be installed with every application.
UI - Modern onboarding workflow - Overview panel - Folder/ZIP ContentThe Folder/ZIP Content section in the modern onboarding "Overview" panel has been restructured and redesigned. See
UI - Administration Center - Settings - CAST ExtendThe ability to upload an extension package for CAST Extend local server has been removed. See See also
UI - Admin Center - Extension StrategyA new slider has been added allow you to control whether User Community or Labs extension types will be made available for installation. By default the option is disabled. See
UI - Architecture Studio - Model uploadIf you attempt to upload a model with the same model ID as an existing model, a warning will be displayed and you will now be given the opportunity to enter a new (unused) model ID. See
Technical - Disable application backup during application upgradeIt is now possible (using an entry in the application-default.yml/application-standalone.yml file to disable the automatic backup of an application when an application upgrade (to a new release of AIP Core) is run in Console. See
Technical - SSO for CAST Imaging and Console (standalone)An SSO (single sign on) mechanism has been implemented to link CAST Imaging (≥ 2.13) installed on Microsoft Windows and Console (≥ 2.5) Standalone edition. This mechanism ensures that when accessing CAST Imaging (from CAST Console), users will be directed to the CAST Console login page - i.e. logins to CAST Imaging will be managed by Console. See

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
WEBI-12747A fix has been provided to ensure that renaming applications that have only been "discovered" (no analysis) via the modern onboarding workflow functions correctly for both standard and named application licenses. In previous releases renaming applications that had only been "discovered" led to an error.
WEBI-00000Delivered Engineering Dashboard release: 2.8.0-funcrel. Delivered Health Dashboard release: 2.8.0-funcrel.

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
37683The error message "Delivery folder should be a sub folder of delivery.folder.location" has been improved and now reads "Delivery folder X should be a sub folder of the default Console delivery folder Y". This message is displayed when importing an application into Console and the delivery folder for the application is not correctly configured. See "Import Applications" in

Known Issues

Internal IdDetails
WEBI-13352The ability to perform a multi-application upgrade (i.e. to a new release of AIP Core) using Console has been disabled in this release due to some inconsistencies with the process that were found during testing. The issues will be resolved in a future release and the feature will be re-enabled.
WEBI-13300When using the modern onboarding workflow and your Application AIP Core release does not match the AIP Core release running on the Node configured for your application, two error message are displayed that overlap each other. This issue will be resolved in 2.6.0-funcrel.
IMAGSYS-6563When attempting to use the SSO mechanism between CAST Console and CAST Imaging, an issue exists which is preventing users from logging out of CAST Imaging. This issue will be fixed in a future release of CAST Imaging.