Note that CAST highly recommends updating to the new release of AIP Console to take advantage of new features and bug fixes. See Upgrade process for more information about this.



Starting release 1.23, Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported for accessing the AIP Console front-end.

New Features

Technical - Support for Visual BasicSupport has been implemented for the delivery and analysis of Visual Basic. See and
Techncial - Share Assessment Model Settings - BETAThe Share Assessment Model Settings option has been introduced in the Global Configurations settings in the Admin Center. This feature allows you to apply the same Assessment Model customization to all applications managed in AIP Console. See for more information.
Technical - Simplified Delivery Mode"Simplified Delivery mode" has been implemented for those users that want to deliver source code from one single unique location - i.e. a dedicated folder - and do not want to retain any version delivery history for future rescans. This feature is only available via the AIP Console Automation tools (the Jenkins plugin and the CLI tool) available here: See

Feature Improvements

GUI - Architecture Studio - Model/Library Component listsMinor improvements to the list of existing Models (Architecture and Quality Rule) and Library Components: all items can now be edited by clicking the row in the table. In addition, the Edit icon has been removed and replaced with an Edit menu option in the "hamburger" menu.
GUI - Architecture Studio - Library Components displayA minor improvement has been applied to the filter toggle button available in the Library Components list: the toggle allows the display to show either 1) all components, or 2) only custom/user defined components. Previously the toggle button filtered on standard components delivered with AIP Console. See
GUI - Transactions - Architecture Model CheckIt is now possible to access an Architecture Check direct from individual transactions. When the option is invoked, a choice of existing Architecture Models is provided, together with a Check option on each. See
GUI - Architecture Studio - Check ContentThe results of the Check Content action now display information in the header of the results list indicating that the results may contain sub or external objects - if these types of objects were configured for inclusion. See
Technical - Support for Visual BasicSupport has been implemented for the delivery and analysis of Visual Basic. See and
GUI - Function Point - LicenseWhen a global license key is in use that does not include the ability to count Function Points, a message will be displayed in the Function Point screen to explain this (i.e. why all values are 0 and why it is not possible to use the compute function point action. See
GUI - Reference FinderImprovements have been implemented to the Reference Finder feature: 1) The layout of the Reference Finder creation panel has been revised. 2) It is now possible to search (optionally) for a pattern in a specific BEGIN and/or END zone. 3) You can choose to target object names or full names. See
GUI - Architecture Studio - QR ModelsIt is now possible to define a set using an "Assessment Model Scope" property. These are predefined properties which are used in the definition or quality rules, for example, "ABAP Artifacts" or "COBOL Copybooks". This option can speed up the definition of sets. Note that "Assessment Model Scopes" can only be used with Quality Rule Models and not Architecture Models. If you use one, you must ensure that this scope exists in the chosen context for your model otherwise publish will fail.

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
WEBI-9654In previous releases of AIP Console, if the prepare version step fails or is cancelled by the user, it is no longer possible to add another new version in the Application. This bug has been fixed.
WEBI-9721Improvements to Snapshot and Delivery Indicator remedy suggestion text: 1) TAB spacing that was previously used has been removed to improve readability. 2) The suggestion text for some indicators has been updated for clarification.
WEBI-9300When editing SQL queries for the Update Application schema, it is no longer mandatory to use the section sign § (HTML code §) as a variable in front of any table name. Any tables referenced in the query will be assumed to belong to the current Application's Analysis schema.
WEBI-8800Architecture Studio - the Save button in the model editor is now not enabled unless changes have been made to the model.

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
25768AIP Console does not correctly report Dashboard integration status in Console GUI.
28701DMT should pick up system proxy settings when set in AIP Console.
26378Console creates the specific VB UA when Visual Basic technology is not yet supported by AIP Console

Known Issues

Internal IdDetails
WEBI-9835When operating with the "Simplified Delivery mode" option, any outdated uaxDirectory extraction files are not migrated.
WEBI-9831Publish to Imaging job will fail when used with ETL 2.2.1.