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This extension was previously (in version 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2) known as TypeScript and Angular.


Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
33793Missing link to anonymous function fixed

New Support

Support for AWS S3 with SDK V3The use of AWS S3 with SDK V3 is now supported.
Support for DynamoDB with AWS SDK V3The use of DynamoDB with AWS SDK V3 is now supported.



If your application contains configuration files for AWS Cloudformation, SAM or Serverless framework, it is highly recommended to add the com.castsoftware.cloudconfig extension so that proper migration of AWS objects takes place upon upgrading typescript extension from previous versions (v < 1.9.0-alpha1).

Other Updates

Remove the display of internal migration properties.
Support of Cloudformation, SAM and Serverless framework is removed from this extension. The support is now provided by com.castsoftware.cloudconfig. This extension remains responsible for linking the AWS objects that have a nodejs runtime to TypeScript handlers.

New Support

Support AWS DynamoDB SDK V2The use of AWS DynamoDB with the SDK V2 is now supported.
Support Lambda invoke with SDKInvoking Lambda with SDK V2 and SDK V3 is now supported.
Support Sequelize.queryThe use of Sequelize.query is now supported.
Support AWS SNS with SDKThe use of AWS SNS with SDK V2 and V3 is now supported.
Support SQS with SDK V3The use of SQS with SDK V3 is now supported.