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Target audience:

CAST Administrators

Although this extension is officially supported by CAST, please note that it has been developed within the technical constraints of the CAST Universal Analyzer technology and to some extent adapted to meet specific customer needs. Therefore the extension may not address all of the coding techniques and patterns that exist for the target technology and may not produce the same level of analysis and precision regarding e.g. quality measurement and/or function point counts that are typically produced by other CAST AIP analyzers.

What's new?

Siebel 5.0.1

Note that 5.0.1 is the first Siebel release.
  • This extension has been adapted to function correctly with CAST AIP 7.3.x.
  • The following Quality Rules have been moved from the Efficiency - Memory, Network and Disk Space Management Technical Criterion to the Efficiency - SQL and Data Handling Performance Technical Criterion:
    • 1520480 : SiebelReview: Avoid BusComp using Sort specifications on non-indexed Fields
    • 1520482 : SiebelReview: Avoid PickList using Sort specifications on non-indexed Fields
    • 1520484 : SiebelReview: Avoid Link using Sort specifications on non-indexed Fields
    • 1520486 : SiebelReview: Avoid BusComp using Search specifications on non-indexed Fields
    • 1520488 : SiebelReview: Avoid PickList using Search specifications on non-indexed Fields
    • 1520490 : SiebelReview: Avoid Link using Search specifications on non-indexed Fields
    • 1520492 : SiebelReview: Avoid Applet using Search specifications on non-indexed Fields

Siebel 5.0.2

Siebel 5.0.3

Siebel 5.0.4

Function Point, Quality and Sizing support

This extension provides the following support:

  • Function Points (transactions): a green tick indicates that OMG Function Point counting and Transaction Risk Index are supported
  • Quality and Sizing: a green tick indicates that CAST can measure size and that a minimum set of Quality Rules exist
Function Points
Quality and Sizing

CAST AIP compatibility

CAST AIP releaseSiebel 5.0.3Siebel 5.0.4

Supported DBMS servers

For CAST schemas

Microsoft SQL Server(error)

For Siebel applications

The extension supports Siebel applications installed on the following DBMS:

Oracle Server(tick)
DB2 UDB(tick)

Supported Versions of Siebel

This extension provides support for the following Siebel versions:

Siebel versionSupported
15.0 ( IP2015)(tick)
15.1 ( PS1)(tick)
15.2 ( PS2)(tick)
15.3 ( PS3)(tick)
15.4 ( PS4)(tick)
Note that Siebel versions above 15.4 are supported, but any new functionalities or syntax introduced in these versions are not supported.

Tables required to grant access to the Siebel repository

The following database tables are accessed during the Siebel extraction process: SIEBEL_TABLES.txt.

Documentation of Siebel Quality Rules and Metrics

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  1. Anonymous

    Why is it that Seibel is not supported in 8.0.0,8.1.x and supported in 8.0.1? Can we use 8.0.2 for the Seibel Analysis?

    1. Hello,

      Ref 8.0.0 - I think there was a bug in this release which prevented the use of the Siebel extension (and also the PeopleSoft extension), which was corrected in 8.0.1.

      I will check with R&D about 8.0.2, but I believe it is possible.

      Ref use with 8.1.x - I believe that it is not been fully tested and therefore it is currently unsupported.


  2. Anonymous

    A few questions on the permissions needed on tables:

    1. Does the user id need SELECT permissions on these tables?
    2. Would the user id also need similar permissions as needed by the user running the Oracle extractor?
    3. Can the "Vanilla" extract be performed with identical permissions?