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Summary: Information about extracting source code from an SVN - Subversion repository using the CAST Delivery Manager Tool.
  • This SVN extractor is not actively maintained and can only be used via the legacy CAST Management Studio and Delivery Manager Tool.
  • There is no support in AIP Console for extracting source code for delivery direct from an SVN repository - the only source code delivery methods available are via ZIP/archive file, or direct from a shared network folder.


This configuration provides the means to extract source code from a Subversion (SVN) repository. In other words, file based source code that does not reside in a simple local or network folder. 


When adding a new source code package, choose the SVN - Subvesion option and click Next to continue:

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When selected, the above item provides the following screen with the Subversion using svnkit option already selected:

The Package Configuration tab will then be displayed, enabling you to configure access to the source code:

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1Enter the direct URL for your SVN repository in the form svn://
2Choose the revision you would like to extract. By default the HEAD revision is chosen.
3Tick the Credentials option if the TFS repository requires authenticated access. Do not enable this option if a single sign on system is in operation in your environment.
User nameUsed to configure the User name for the target SVN repository for extraction purposes.
PasswordUsed to configure the password (in encrypted format) that corresponds to your User name configured above.
Remember password

This option enables you to force the CAST Delivery Manager Tool to save the SVN repository access credentials you have entered above. Choosing an option or not has no impact on the analysis (i.e. the analyzer can still run an analysis). However, if you are creating subsequent Versions using the same SVN repository, you can choose to store the password in which case you will not need to re-enter it.

There are two save options:

  • Local > The credentials are saved in the user's local workspace on the current machine. Choose this option if you do not want the password to be available to other Delivery Managers.
  • Server > The credentials are saved locally (as above) and are also synchronized back to the CAST AIC Portal (i.e. the Source Code Delivery Folder). Choose this option if you want the password to be available to other Delivery Managers.
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