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Summary: This section describes how to prepare and deliver the source code of your SAP ABAP application.

Information about discovery

Discovery is a process that is actioned during the delivery process. CAST will attempt to automatically identify "projects" within your application using a set of predefined rules. Discoverers are currently embedded in AIP Core:

You should read the relevant documentation for each discoverer (provided in the link above) to understand how the source code will be handled.

Source code delivery using CAST Console

CAST Console expects either a ZIP/archive file or source code located in a folder configured in CAST Console. You should include in the ZIP/source code folder all extracted SAP/ABAP source code:

CAST highly recommends placing the files in a folder dedicated to SAP/ABAP. If you are using a ZIP/archive file, zip the folders in the "temp" folder - but do not zip the "temp" folder itself, nor create any intermediary folders:



XXL table rules (see XXL and XXS tables rules enablementare performance related rules that help detect incorrect or poorly performing SQL queries running on XXL tables. XXL tables can be defined as extremely large tables, containing a large amount of data. The goal is to use table size from production systems because development / integration systems may not feature really large tables and would not help detect real threat on application performance levels.

Note that:

  • The CAST SAP Extractor NG will automatically generate the .SQLTABLESIZE file when you extract the SAP/ABAP source code.
  • You will need to manually create this file if you are packaging code directly from an abapGit repository.

You should ensure that you deliver the .SQLTABLESIZE file with your extracted SAP table code.

Source code delivery using legacy CAST Delivery Manager Tool

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How do I add a source code package to my delivery

See How do I add a source code package to my delivery.

What you should package?

When creating packages to discover and extract your SAP ABAP application you should create them as listed below:


Package name/type





Source code


Source code root folder, i.e. the output of the CAST SAP Extractor NG as described in SAP ABAP - Required third-party software.

Use the "Files on your file system" options in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool:

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How do I fine-tune my Version ?

See How do I fine-tune my Version for more information.

How do I deliver the Version for analysis?

See How do I deliver the Version for analysis for more information.

Delivery acceptance

See Validate and Accept the Delivery for more information. 

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