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Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
27735Fixed an issue where upgrading from AIP Core 8.3.3 to 8.3.29 with RPG 2.0.6 failed with the following SQL Error: “duplicate key value violates unique constraint "dss_metr_typ_pk".


Other Updates

Creation of 'missing procedure'
Missing bookmark to the same target
Align TCC setup on SQL
Align type descriptions
Handling of long names in RPG


Rule IdNew RuleDetails
1011030FALSEAvoid Physical files with fields defined locally (DDS400) - rule has been deprecated.
1011024FALSEAvoid Physical files with more than X fields (DDS400) - rule has been deprecated.
1011022FALSEAvoid Physical files with more than X associated LF (DDS400) - rule has been deprecated.
1011018FALSEAvoid Logical Files using DYNSLT (DDS400) - rule has been deprecated.
1011016FALSEAvoid unreferenced Logical file (DDS400) - rule has been deprecated.
1011014FALSEAvoid unreferenced Physical file (DDS400) - rule has been deprecated.
1011010FALSEAvoid Logical File without associated Physical File (DDS400) - rule has been deprecated.


Other Updates

Object missing when the first line of RPG file is not a comment
Missing objects when line starts with **
CL Support of CALL without PGM


Other Updates

CL400: Support for Call Bound Procedure (CALLPRC)
Added Unknown DDS File objects
In previous releases, CALL to RCP04 was not resolved due to missing string resolution for Named Constant. This is now fixed.
PF and LF modelization - in previous releases, duplicate objects were created (DDS400 and SQLAnalyzer). This issue is now fixed.
RPG IV Full Free is now correctly supported (previously, no objects were detected inside the program)
In previous releases, Copy objects were missing and there was no trace of the issue in the log file. This issue is now fixed.
In previous releases, Procedure Prototypes defined in Copy objects were not created leading to missing links. This issue is now fixed.
Service Program (nomain) erroneously created as RPG400 Program - expected type is RPG400 Module. This issue is now fixed.
In previous releases accessLinks for EXFMT built-in functions used in RPG300 were missing. This issue is now resolved.


Other Updates

Missing links when using DELETE in free format
Missing link when using REDPE in RPG III



This release is a fundamental rewrite of the RPG analyzer (the Universal Analyzer framework is no longer used) therefore, upgrading to this release will significantly impact your existing analysis results. Existing RPG objects will be retained (object GUIDs remain the same), however, DB400 related objects are now managed entirely by the SQL Analyzer (new objects will be created).

Currently this beta release does not function correctly when using AIP Console. For those wishing to use this release, please see the workaround in

Other Updates

Full rewrite of analyzer. Removal of the DB400 Universal Importer and DMT extractor; replaced by SQL Analyzer. Removal of the preprocessor, real source code is now visible.
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