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Error when displaying source code in CAST dashboards

Most PeopleSoft objects don't have associated source code as they correspond to a configuration. In the CAST dashboards, an error will therefore be displayed when trying to display the object source code (example error message from the legacy CAST Engineering Dashboard):


No bookmarks are displayed for violations in source code in CAST dashboards

When using the CAST dashboards, no "bookmarks" will be displayed to indicate where violations occur in source code. This is a limitation of the extension.

Warnings in the analysis log

The following warnings may appear in the analysis log:

  • end of string ''' not found
  • end of string '[']' not found
  • File skipped

This is a limitation of the extension: when the end of a string pattern is not found inside an object's source code, an error is raised as the syntax is not understood. In the context of PeopleSoft, SQL objects can be created and configured to contain the sub-part of an SQL statement that can be re-used in other objects. As such these SQL statements may be incomplete which will cause the warnings described above to appear. To avoid these type of warnings, this partial SQL should not be analyzed individually, but rather in the context of where it has been included.

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