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PHP 2.0.0 - funcrel

Ticket IDSummaryInternal ID
-A defect has been fixed so that now for all QRs that are based on PHP Code Sniffer, whether implemented at CAST or originally from code sniffer, bookmarks for all the relevant types (Scope) will be correct. Earlier whole object was being selected as violation.PHP-1001
-A defect has been fixed where members in the interface was being considered towards violation for "Avoid large Interfaces - too many Methods (PHP)".PHP-996

PHP 2.0.0 - beta 1

PHP 2.0.0 - beta 1 contains all bug fixes from all previous releases. The following is a summary of fixed bugs in PHP 2.0.0 - beta 1.

  • The documentation for multiple Quality Rules has been updated. This may include the addition of missing sections of documentation or renaming the entire Quality Rule.
  • Some Quality Rules have been merged to form one single Quality Rule and as a result, some Quality Rules have been removed.
  • The extension now supports Backfired Function Point counting.
  • Some Quality Rules have had their scope changed and now flag violations for all expected object types.
  • Some Quality Rules contained bugs causing false violations. These bugs have now been fixed - there will be an impact on results.
  • The documentation for some Quality Rules has been updated to ensure that the Associated Values section is correctly display title and value.
  • All SQL related Quality Rules (for example Avoid artifacts with Group By sql statement (PHP) etc.) will now correctly handle the following comment identifiers - there will be an impact on results:
    • /*...*/
    • --
    • #

PHP 2.0.0 - alpha

PHP 2.0.0 - alpha contains all bug fixes from all previous releases. The following table lists all bugs fixed in PHP 2.0.0 alpha.

Note that some Quality Rule names mentioned in the Summary column have been changed in PHP 2.0.0 - see PHP 2.0 - Release Notes.
Ticket IDSummaryInternal IDComments
 No violations for any other type than phpSection for QR "Avoid using exit expression", no violation and total is incorrectPHP-225This Quality Rule (Avoid using exit and die expressions (PHP)) was not functioning correctly causing true violations to be missed. In addition the value for the "Total" is displayed incorrectly and does not include global functions (only functions defined inside a class were counted).
 Avoid having Methods and Functions without a naming convention (PHP) considers even PHP built in functionsPHP-807This Quality Rule was previously taking into account built-in functions such as '_autoload', '_halt_compiler', '_construct', 'destruct', 'call', 'callStatic', 'get', 'set', 'isset', 'unset', 'sleep', 'wakeup', 'toString', 'invoke', 'set_state', 'clone', '_debugInfo'. This caused many false violations. Built-in function are now ignored.
 False violations for "Avoid constructors with return value (PHP)"PHP-840This Quality Rule was returning false violations.
 Plugin processing failsPHP-881 
 Few issues with php code sniffer install (batch)PHP-882 


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