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Summary: This section provides more detail about the support for Oracle Forms and Reports and the way in which it is supported.

Inter-Application links

Please note that currently inter-Application links (i.e. links between source code in separate Applications) between the following combinations of technologies is not supported:

  • Between Oracle Forms Analysis Units in different Applications
  • Between Oracle Forms Analysis Units and Oracle Server PL/SQL Analysis Units in different Applications

If you do require link resolution, then all Analysis Units must belong to the same Application.

Objects containing non printable ASCII characters

Oracle Forms objects containing non printable ASCII character such as DC2 (Device Control2) are skipped during the analysis and a warning message will be outputted to the log file.

go_block built-in not supported

CAST does not support the use of the "go_block" statement to call data blocks. Only "call_forms" is supported.

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