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To successfully deliver and analyze Oracle Forms and Reports code, the following third-party software is required:

TechnologyPre-extraction?Version supported
Install on workstation running the AIP Console / DMT (for delivery)
Install on workstation running AIP Node / CMS (for analysis)
Oracle FormsPre-extraction via the standalone CAST Oracle Forms Extractor must be performed.32bit and 64bitNothing requiredNothing required
Oracle ReportsPre-extraction not required. See notes below.32bit and 64bitNothing requiredNothing required

Note about Oracle Reports

When you need to deliver Oracle Reports, the CAST can only accept .rex files. If you have Oracle Reports .rdf files and would like to include them in the delivery, you can convert them to .rex files as follows:

@@Echo on
REM set the REPORTS_PATH Oracle Environment Variable to point to the reports and templates required by rwconverter.exe. This environment variable is
REM used to locate reports and external objects that you use in your reports, such as PL/SQL libraries, external queries, and external boilerplate.
REM see for more information.
set REPORTS_PATH=<path_to_reports>;<path_to_dependencies>
REM change directories and move to the location of your *.rdf files
cd D:\path_to\some_folder\
REM loop through all .rdf files in the current folder and convert into .rex files
for %%f in (*.rdf) do C:\path_to\rwconverter.exe source=%%f userid=<userid> stype=rdffile dtype=rexfile dest=..\rex1%%f.rex batch=yes
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