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Summary: This document provides information about the analysis results you can expect from an Oracle Forms and Reports analysis.

What results can you expect?

Once the analysis/snapshot generation has completed, you can view the results in the normal manner (for example via CAST Enlighten):

Oracle Forms objects

Previous IconCurrent IconMeta Model Description
Meta Model Name

Oracle Forms WindowCAST_Forms_Window

Oracle Forms Window TabCAST_Forms_Window_Tab

Oracle Forms AlertCAST_Forms_Alert

Oracle Forms Alert TabCAST_Forms_Alert_Tab

Oracle Forms CanvasCAST_Forms_Canvas

Oracle Forms Canvas TabCAST_Forms_Canvas_Tab

Oracle Forms DatablockCAST_Forms_DataBlock

Oracle Forms Data Block RelationCAST_Forms_DataBlock_Relation

Oracle Forms Library Tab DataBlockCAST_Forms_DataBlock_Tab

Oracle Forms DataBlock ItemCAST_Forms_DataBlockItem

Oracle Forms Library Tab DataBlock ItemCAST_Forms_DataBlockItem_Tab

Oracle Forms FunctionCAST_Forms_Function

Oracle Forms Library Tab FunctionCAST_Forms_Function_Tab

Oracle Forms LOVCAST_Forms_LOV

Oracle Forms Library Tab LOVCAST_Forms_LOV_Tab

Oracle Forms MenuCAST_Forms_Menu

Oracle Forms Library Tab MenuCAST_Forms_Menu_Tab

Oracle Forms Menu ItemCAST_Forms_MenuItem

Oracle Forms Library Tab Menu ItemCAST_Forms_MenuItem_Tab

Oracle Forms Menu Module (.MMB file)CAST_Forms_MenuModule

Oracle Forms Module (.FMB file)CAST_Forms_Module

Oracle Forms Menu Module ParameterCAST_Forms_ModuleParameter

Oracle Forms Object Library (.OLB file)CAST_Forms_ObjectLibrary

Oracle Forms Library TabCAST_Forms_ObjectLibraryTab
Oracle Forms PackageCAST_Forms_Package

Oracle Forms Library Tab PackageCAST_Forms_Package_Tab

Package BodyCAST_Forms_PackageBody

Oracle Forms Library Tab PackageCAST_Forms_PackageBody_Tab

Oracle Forms PL/SQL Library (.PLL file)CAST_Forms_PlsqlModule

Oracle Forms Popup MenuCAST_Forms_PopupMenu

Oracle Forms Popup Menu ItemCAST_Forms_PopupMenuItem

Oracle Forms ProcedureCAST_Forms_Procedure

Oracle Forms Library Tab ProcedureCAST_Forms_Procedure_Tab

Oracle Forms ProcedureCAST_Forms_PrivateProcedure

Oracle Forms Property ClassCAST_Forms_PropertyClass

Oracle Forms Library Tab Property ClassCAST_Forms_PropertyClass_Tab

Oracle Forms Record GroupCAST_Forms_RecordGroup

Oracle Forms Library Tab Record groupCAST_Forms_RecordGroup_Tab

Oracle Forms TriggerCAST_Forms_Trigger

Oracle Forms Library Tab TriggerCAST_Forms_Trigger_Tab

Oracle Forms Visual AttributeCAST_Forms_VisualAttribute

Oracle Forms Visual Attribute TabCAST_Forms_VisualAttribute_Tab

Oracle Forms Visual AttributesCAST_Forms_VisualAttributes

Oracle Forms Library Tab Visual AttributesCAST_Forms_VisualAttributes_Tab


Oracle Forms Sub ProcedureFORMS_SUBPROCHEADER

Oracle Forms Sub FunctionFORMS_SUBFUNCHEADER



Oracle Forms Sub ProcedureFORMS_SUBPROCBODY

Oracle Forms Sub FunctionFORMS_SUBFUNCBODY



Oracle Reports objects

Previous IconCurrent IconMeta Model DescriptionMeta Model Name

Oracle Report Data LinkFORMS_RDF_DATA_LINK

Oracle Report Database ColumnFORMS_RDF_DB_COLUMN

Oracle Report Summary ColumnFORMS_RDF_SUMMARY_COLUMN

Oracle Report Formula ColumnFORMS_RDF_FORMULA_COLUMN

Oracle Report Placeholder columnFORMS_RDF_PLACEHOLDER_COLUMN

Oracle Report File QueryFORMS_RDF_EXT_FILE_QUERY

Oracle Report GroupFORMS_RDF_GROUP

Oracle Report ModuleFORMS_RDF_MODULE

Oracle Report Data ModelFORMS_RDF_DATA_MODEL

Oracle Report Predefined SourceFORMS_RDF_PREDEFINED_SOURCE

Oracle Report System ParameterFORMS_RDF_SYSTEM_PARAMETER

Oracle Report User ParameterFORMS_RDF_USER_PARAMETER

Oracle Report ElementFORMS_RDF_ELEMENT


Oracle Report QueryFORMS_RDF_QUERY

Oracle Report Ref Cursor QueryFORMS_RDF_REF_CURSOR_QUERY

Oracle Report Unknown QueryFORMS_RDF_UNKNOWN_QUERY

Oracle Report BP ButtonFORMS_RDF_BUTTON

Oracle Report BP ChartFORMS_RDF_CHART

Oracle Report Form ParameterFORMS_RDF_PARAMETER_FORM

Oracle Report user columnFORMS_RDF_USER_UNKNOWN_COLUMN

Oracle Report Layout ModelFORMS_RDF_LAYOUT_MODEL

Oracle Report HeaderFORMS_RDF_HEADER

Oracle Report TrailerFORMS_RDF_TRAILER

Oracle Report BodyFORMS_RDF_BODY

Oracle Report MarginFORMS_RDF_MARGIN

Oracle Report Repeating FrameFORMS_RDF_REPEATING_FRAME

Oracle Report FrameFORMS_RDF_FRAME

Oracle Report FieldFORMS_RDF_FIELD

Oracle Report BP TextFORMS_RDF_BP_TEXT

Oracle Report BP PolygoneFORMS_RDF_BP_POLYGONE

Oracle Report BP PolylineFORMS_RDF_BP_POLYLINE

Oracle Report BP FreehandFORMS_RDF_BP_FREEHAND

Oracle Report BP LineFORMS_RDF_BP_LINE

Oracle Report BP RectangleFORMS_RDF_BP_RECTANGLE

Oracle Report BP Rounded RectangleFORMS_RDF_BP_ROUNDED_RECTANGLE

Oracle Report BP EllipseFORMS_RDF_BP_ELLIPSE

Oracle Report BP ArcFORMS_RDF_BP_ARC

Oracle Report BP ImageFORMS_RDF_BP_IMAGE

Oracle Report BP UnknownFORMS_RDF_BP_UNKNOWN

Oracle Report Program UnitFORMS_RDF_PROGRAM_UNIT
Link Type
When is this type of link created?
Use (U)This type is generically used to describe an interaction between two objects.

For example:

  • between a Form Module and its Menu Module
Call (C)A link of this type is created from a (popup) menu item invoking a menu to the cascading (popup) menu.

For example:

  • Between a data block item and the sequence specified in its Initial Value property.
  • Between a Form Module and the Report Modules via Report Objects.
Inherit (I)A link of this type is created from an object created by subclassing to the source object. It is also created between an object and its property class and between a subclassed Module and its reference modules.
Match (X)This type of link indicates a link you have created using a Reference Pattern.
Rely OnThis type of link is created between a data block and the server objects used to construct it.
AccessThis type of link is created when there is a reference in the code to a data block item through host variable syntax (:block.item or :item).
MonitorThis type of link is created between a data block relation and the data block.
Link Type
When is this type of link created?
Rely On
  • from Oracle Report Data Link to child column
  • from parent column to Oracle Report Data Link
  • from group to query
  • from query to PL/SQL code (function, procedure, package)
  • from database column to query
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