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Callee TypeCaller TypeDetails
SQS PublisherSQS ReceiverAdded missing link from SQS Publisher to SQS Receiver.

Other Updates

Update TCC setup for AWS objects



If your application contains configuration files for AWS Cloudformation, SAM, or Serverless framework, it is highly recommended to add the com.castsoftware.cloudconfig extension so that proper migration of AWS objects takes place upon upgrading nodejs extension from previous versions (v < 2.7.0-beta3).

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
33351Total check lower than failed check issue fixed

Other Updates

Support of Cloudformation, SAM and Serverless framework is removed from this extension. The support is now provided by com.castsoftware.cloudconfig. This extension remains responsible for linking the AWS objects that have a nodejs runtime to the javascript handlers.


Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
31332Incomplete support for helmet QR.
32093Fixed an issue in Nodejs.2.7.0-beta1 extension causing an issue with lib 1.6.9.
31454Fixed a missing link between Node.js and SQL tables using sequelize.

Other Updates

Fixed an issue causing incorrect dynamodb bookmarks.
Fixed a false violation of the rule "Avoid using the call of data service with Node.js inside a loop".

New Support

Support for SNS SDK API v2Support Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) for NodeJS (NodeJS SDK for Amazon Web Services).


Other Updates

Add (Javascript) suffix to some rule names
Support of serverless.template
Create Call object for lambda.invoke
Walk through masked handlers
Backend not working
Backend not working with Knex.
Handler for AWS Lambda functions are not resolved
CosmosDB objects (Collection, client, database) are created by the analyzer but they must not be
sqsClient is not resolved therefore SQS publisher/subcriber are not created
Upgrade API to 1.6.9
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