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Summary: This document provides information about changes and new features introduced in this release of NoSQL for Java.



  • Improved robustness for Redis (both Spring Data and Java API): Improved object and link creation logic and exception handling.

Resolved Issues

Following issue is fixed in this release.

Internal IDCall IDSummary
NOSQLJAVA-34821293Invalid unknown Redis connection object created


Resolved Issues

Following issues are fixed in this release.

Internal IDCall IDSummary
NOSQLJAVA-287 -Removal of client name with reference variable when Endpoint is given
NOSQLJAVA-379 raises error: string index out of range
NOSQLJAVA-38021674, 21406Invalid dynamodb objects are created
NOSQLJAVA-383 -Multiple Links from a Method to a collection/table are squashed into one link



  • Fixed an internal bug regarding Uselink between method to connection and method to database for MongoDB, in order to sink with other frameworks.
  • An internal bug has been fixed in Cosmos DB with Spring Data for missing links with an arbitrary source code.


  • Improved performance, accuracy and robustness for all of the frameworks including changes in xml_parser and base class.

Resolved Issues

Following customer issues are fixed in the this release.

Internal ID Call IDSummary
NOSQLJAVA-361 21452Unexpected error reading file - PROPERTIES file
NOSQLJAVA-35021360AIP Console - nosqljava warnings Extension com.castsoftware.nosqljava has encountered an issue



  • Improved performance, accuracy and robustness (reorganization of code flow for Elasticsearch, Cosmos DB with Spring data and DynamoDB with Spring data).
  • Fixed an internal bug of MarkLogic causing memory error.



Bugs related to DynamoDB with Spring-data and CosmosDB with Spring-data resolved.

  • Dynamo unknown connection object getting created when there are no Dynamo Links.
  • Dynamo object and links not getting created.
  • Duplicate Cosmos objects getting created.



Highlevel RestClient Support for ElasticSearch with Java

  • Support for CRUD and Connection operation for Highlevel Restclient added.
  • Both Synhronous and Asynchronous CRUD operations are supported.
  • nuspec tags and description has been changed to include redis with spring tag.



NOSQLJAVA-262- Support for Azure Cosmos DB with Spring

Support for CRUD Operations has been added for Cosmos DB for the following Java APIs:

  • CosmosDBRepository
  • DocumentDBRepository
  • ReactiveCosmosRepository
  • CrudREpository
  • ReactiveCrudRepository

Support for Database and Collection Connection has been added. It Supports

  • Java Configuration
  • Properties File

NOSQLJAVA-258- Support for DynamoDB with Spring

Support for CRUD Operations has been added for DynamoDB for the following APIs:

  • CrudRepository

Support for Client has been added. It Supports

  • Properties File



NOSQLJAVA-234- Support for Elasticsearch as Data Storage for java source code

Support has been added for Elasticsearch DB for the following Java APIs:

  • TransportClient
  • Low Level RestClient - Including Asynchronous API

NOSQLJAVA-200- Support of mongoRepository with xml

Support has been added for creating connection and database objects configured through xml using mongoRepository.

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