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CAST supports MongoDB as follows:

Details about how this support is provided is discussed below.


The following specific objects are displayed in CAST Enlighten:

Node.js MongoDB connection

Node.js MongoDB collection

Code sample

This declaration will create a MongoDB connection and a collection object named "users". A "useSelectLink" between the find function and the collection is also created.

Connector "Mongoose"
var mongoose = require('mongoose');
mongoose.connect('mongodb://localhost/analyzerlauncher', function(err) {
   if (err) { throw err; }

// create a Mongoose model
userModel = mongoose.model('users', userSchema);

function find(req,res){    
	userModel.findOne(, function (err, authorize) {})

Links creation

The following links will be generated from a call of the following methods from a collection object:

link typemethods
useSelectLinkfindOne, findById, where, find, exists
useDeleteLinkremove, findByIdAndRemove, findOneAndRemove, findByIdAndDelete, findOneAndDelete, deleteOne, deleteMany
useUpdateLinkupdate, updateOne, updateMany, findByIdAndUpdate, findOneAndUpdate, findByIdAndReplace, findOneAndReplace, replaceOne
useInsertLinkinsertMany, insert, create

What results can you expect?

Once the analysis/snapshot generation has completed, you can view the results in the normal manner (for example via CAST Enlighten):

Node.js application with MongoDB data storage exposing web services.

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