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CAST supports MongoDB via its NoSQL for Java extension. Details about how this support is provided for Java source code is discussed below.

Supported Libraries

Supported Operations

For Storing the data
 Insert Operation APIs
  • com.mongodb.DBCollection.insert
  • com.mongodb.client.MongoCollection.insertOne
  • com.mongodb.client.MongoCollection.insertMany
  • com.mongodb.client.MongoCollection.bulkWrite
  • org.jongo.MongoCollection.insert
For Fetching the data
 Select Operation APIs
  • com.mongodb.client.MongoDatabase.getCollection
  • com.mongodb.client.MongoCollection.countDocuments
  • com.mongodb.client.MongoCollection.count
  • com.mongodb.client.MongoCollection.find
  • com.mongodb.client.MongoCollection.findOneAndDelete
  • com.mongodb.client.MongoCollection.findOneAndReplace
  • com.mongodb.client.MongoCollection.findOneAndUpdate
  • com.mongodb.DB.getCollection
  • com.mongodb.DBCollection.aggregate
  • com.mongodb.DBCollection.count
  • com.mongodb.DBCollection.distinct
  • com.mongodb.DBCollection.find
  • com.mongodb.DBCollection.findOne
  • com.mongodb.DBCollection.getCollection
  • com.mongodb.DBCollection.getCount
  • com.mongodb.DBCollection.getName
  • com.mongodb.DBCollection.findAndModify
  • com.mongodb.DBCollection.findAndRemove
  • org.jongo.Jongo.getCollection
  • org.jongo.MongoCollection.aggregate
  • org.jongo.MongoCollection.count
  • org.jongo.MongoCollection.distinct
  • org.jongo.MongoCollection.find
  • org.jongo.MongoCollection.findAndModify
  • org.jongo.MongoCollection.findOne
  • org.jongo.MongoCollection.getDBCollection
  • org.jongo.MongoCollection.getName
For Removing the data
 Delete Operation APIs
  • com.mongodb.client.MongoCollection.drop
  • com.mongodb.client.MongoCollection.deleteOne
  • com.mongodb.client.MongoCollection.deleteMany
  • com.mongodb.client.MongoCollection.findOneAndDelete
  • com.mongodb.DBCollection.drop
  • com.mongodb.DBCollection.dropIndex
  • com.mongodb.DBCollection.findAndRemove
  • org.jongo.MongoCollection.drop
  • org.jongo.MongoCollection.dropIndex
  • org.jongo.MongoCollection.dropIndexes
  • org.jongo.MongoCollection.remove
For Updating the data
 Update Operation APIs
  • com.mongodb.client.MongoCollection.updateOne
  • com.mongodb.client.MongoCollection.updateMany
  • com.mongodb.client.MongoCollection.findOneAndReplace
  • com.mongodb.client.MongoCollection.findOneAndUpdate
  • org.jongo.MongoCollection.update
  • com.mongodb.DBCollection.update
  • com.mongodb.DBCollection.updateMulti
  • com.mongodb.DBCollection.findAndModify
  • com.mongodb.client.MongoCollection.replaceOne



Java MongoDB database

Java MongoDB collection

Java unknown MongoDB database

Java unknown MongoDB collection


Link typeSource and destination of linkMethods supported

From Java MongoDB collection object to Java MongoDB database object

useLinkBetween the caller Java Method objects (constructors also) and Java Mongo Collection Object
  • mapReduce
  • createCollection


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  • getCollection
  • countDocuments
  • find 
  • count
  • findOneAndDelete
  • findOneandReplace
  • findOneAndUpdate
  • aggregate
  • distinct
  • findOne
  • getCount
  • getName
  • group
  • findAndModify
  • findAndRemove
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  • update
  • updateOne
  • updateMany
  • findOneAndUpdate
  • fineOneAndReplace
  • findAndModify
  • rename
  • replaceOne
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  • findOneAndDelete
  • drop
  • deleteOne
  • deleteMany
  • dropIndex
  • dropIndexes
  • remove
  • findAndRemove
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  • insert
  • insertOne
  • insertMany
  • bulkWrite
  • save

*Bulkops results in the links as per the operations used

Amazon DocumentDB Identification

The below mentioned objects have properties to indicate whether the object is of type MongoDB or Amazon DocumentDB.


Property Description

Type of Property Value

Possible Value(s)


Java MongoDB collectionIs an Amazon DocumentDB collection?Integer


The collection object is of type Amazon DocumentDB

0The collection object is of type MongoDB
Java unknown MongoDB collectionIs an Amazon DocumentDB collection?Integer


The collection object is of type Amazon DocumentDB

0The collection object is of type MongoDB

What results can you expect?

Once the analysis/snapshot generation is complete, you can view the results in the normal manner (for example via CAST Enlighten). Some examples are shown below.

Creation of Database and Collection 

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public MongoUserDAO(DB db) {
		Mongo mongo = new Mongo();
		db = mongo.getDB("TestDatabase");
		db.createCollection("User", dbo);

Insert Operation

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public void insertDocuments(DBObject[] documents) {

Select Operation

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public void getCollection() {
		DBCollection col =  db.getCollection("User");

Update Operation

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public void updateDoc(DBObject query, DBObject update) {
		userCol.update(query, update);

Delete Operation

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Amazon DocumentDB Identification

 Amazon DocumentDB Identification
Sample Code
import com.mongodb.MongoClient;
import com.mongodb.MongoClientURI;
import com.mongodb.ServerAddress;
import com.mongodb.MongoException;
import com.mongodb.client.MongoCursor;
import com.mongodb.client.MongoDatabase;
import com.mongodb.client.MongoCollection;
import org.bson.Document;
public final class App {
    private App() {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        String connectionString = "mongodb://";
        MongoClientURI clientURI = new MongoClientURI(connectionString);
        MongoClient mongoClient = new MongoClient(clientURI);
        MongoDatabase testDB = mongoClient.getDatabase("library");
        MongoCollection<Document> numbersCollection = testDB.getCollection("books");
        Document doc = new Document("name", "title").append("value", "Harry Potter");
        MongoCursor<Document> cursor = numbersCollection.find().iterator();
        try {
            while (cursor.hasNext()) {
        } finally {


  • There will be no connection object created.
  • Better resolution for database and collection name
  • Support for CRUD APIs com.mongodb.client.MongoCollection


  • For the method 'mapReduce' the type of link produced is 'useLink' as its type is not determined
  • If collection name is not resolved in the CRUD API, then link is created with unknown collection object.
  • Setting of properties related to Amazon DocumentDB identification depends on proper resolution of connection string.
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