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The Mainframe Discoverer is not currently provided as an extension: instead it is embedded in CAST AIP and is therefore present "out of the box".

Mainframe project

If you packaged Mainframe files on disk (.cob, .jcl etc.)

Configures one project for the highest level folder (within the root folder) that contains files with at least one of the following file extensions:
  • Cobol: .cob, .cbl, .pco, .sqb
  • JCL: .jcl, .prc
  • IMS: .dbd, .psb, .tra (≥ 8.3.19), .mfs (≥ 8.3.25)
  • CICS: .csd, .cics, .bms

If you packaged PDS dumps on disk

Configures one project regardless of the number of PDS dumps you package.

Note that any other file types (such as Cobol Copybooks - .CPY) stored in the same folder as any files listed above will also be delivered and therefore included in the analysis scope. By default the following file extensions will be analyzed (see also: Mainframe - Analysis configuration):

  • Cobol: *.cob, *.cbl, *.pco, *.sqb, *.cpy, *.cop, *.cpb
  • JCL: *.jcl, *.prc, *.mbr, *.inc
  • IMS: *.dbd, *.psb, *.tra (≥ 8.3.19), .mfs (≥ 8.3.25)
  • CICS: *.csd, *.cics, *.bms
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