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Target audience:

Users of the extension providing JEE Rules support

Summary: this document provides information about the extension offering additional JEE rules.

What's new?

Please see JEE Rules -1.1 - Release Notes for more information.


In what situation should you install this extension?

This extension provides new rules for the JEE technology and related Frameworks supported by the JEE Analyzer. These rules are compliant with CWE and OWASP TOP 10 Standards for Security. These rules are in addition to other rules provided for JEE (see JEE - Structural rules). The following structural rules are provided:

Function Point, Quality and Sizing support

This extension provides the following support:

  • Function Points (transactions): a green tick indicates that OMG Function Point counting and Transaction Risk Index are supported
  • Quality and Sizing: a green tick indicates that CAST can measure size and that a minimum set of Quality Rules exist
Function Points
Quality and Sizing(tick)

CAST AIP compatibility

This extension is compatible with:

CAST AIP releaseSupported

Supported DBMS servers

This extension is compatible with the following DBMS servers:

Microsoft SQL Server(error)


(tick)An installation of any compatible release of CAST AIP (see table above)

Download and installation instructions

Please see:

The latest release status of this extension can be seen when downloading it from the CAST Extend server.

Packaging, delivering and analyzing your source code

Once the extension is downloaded and installed, there is nothing specific to do: analyze your source code with the JEE Analyzer and the rules will be triggered.

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