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Summary: Information and Release Notes about the JEE Maven Build Extractor for the CAST Delivery Manager Tool. This extension is an automated Maven artifact extractor.

Extension ID


What's new ?

See JEE Maven Build Extractor - 1.0 - Release Notes for more information.

Extension description

This extension detects projects based on the *.jar and *.war files described in a Maven .pom file. You should install this extension when you want to detect all the dependencies (.jar and *.war) referenced in the *.pom file. The extension will create projects for each of these *.jar / *.war files based on their respective pom file.

With this extension a option is added under Files on your file system option called Compiled files with Maven Source code.

Technical information

A project is created for each *.jar and *.war file based on the following criteria:

  • the *.jar and *.war file provided with the source
  • the *.pom file for the respective *.jar / *.war describing the groupIdartifactId and version.

For example folder structure shown below, the following details will be discovered:

Folder structure - click to enlarge:

Package content - click to enlarge:

The <projectName> is the name of the *.jar / *.war file without version and path is the relative path of the *.jar / .war. Analysis Units will be created as per the projects discovered:

Click to enlarge:

Supported Maven releases

Maven release

CAST AIP compatibility

This extension is compatible with:

CAST AIP release

Download and installation instructions

Please see: 

The latest release status of this extension can be seen when downloading it from the CAST Extend server.

Extension interface

The following screen shot shows the differences in the product when the extension is installed:

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