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Summary: This document provides information about changes and new features introduced in this release.

CAST AIP Service Packs 8.3.20 - 8.3.23 are compatible only with the latest releases of the JEE Analyzer extension, i.e. 1.0.28 and 1.2.10-funcrel. Using older releases of the extension with these CAST AIP Service Packs risks incomplete analysis results (missing objects, links, violations, erroneous FP values) for JEE and C++ analyses.

Therefore, when using CAST AIP Service Packs 8.3.20 - 8.3.23, please either:

  • Upgrade your JEE extension to a compatible release (i.e. ≥ 1.0.28 or ≥ 1.2.10-funcrel) OR
  • Upgrade CAST AIP to a more recent Service Pack (≥ 8.3.24) which are compatible with older releases of the JEE Analyzer extension

If upgrading the JEE Analyzer extension or CAST AIP is not possible, please contact CAST Technical Support

Resolved issues 

The following issues have been fixed in this release of the JEE Analyzer extension:

Internal IDCall IDSummary
JEE092:Unterminated action
JFAMILY-70012093False positive "Avoid artifacts having recursive calls" created for wrong recursive links on methods
Analysis got failed where the error says"Unable to process JEE analysis, error in project 'My J2EE Analysis Unit_XXX' (An exception occurred) "
False Positive with the rule : Beans with normal scope must be proxyable to avoid runtime errors
Missing Links for method passed in a lambda expression inside foreach
False positive voilation for the rule "Use lazy fetching for collection"
analysis fatal error:Unexternalized exception - Message is 'access violation'
Less violation for "Avoid Artifacts with high Commented-out Code Lines/Code Lines ratio" using 1.0.5-funcrel1001172 build when compared to com.castsoftware.jee.1.0.5-funcrel1001171
J2EE Analysis failed with the error "Database BCP operation dbbcp_done failed on table XXX_local.IN_LINKS(session_id,link_id,source_id,target_id,project_id,source_kind,target_kind,project_kind,link_type_id)"
JEE analysis fails due to error "JAVA049: Classpath entry can not be resolved as a valid archive"
Regression in 1.0.5 when comparing with 1.0.4: Analysis failed wiith error "Java project initialization failed. unable to decompile file .."
JFAMILY-77013034Invalid DLM with objects part of JAR file shipped with extensions
JFAMILY-77213018JAVA044: Syntax not recognized on rt.jar.blackbox.xml - class name prefixed by '1'
Enhance resistance of analyser for handling xml files
Analysis failed with code -1073741819
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