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Summary: This document provides information about changes and new features introduced in this release.

CAST AIP Service Packs 8.3.20 - 8.3.23 are compatible only with the latest releases of the JEE Analyzer extension, i.e. 1.0.28 and 1.2.10-funcrel. Using older releases of the extension with these CAST AIP Service Packs risks incomplete analysis results (missing objects, links, violations, erroneous FP values) for JEE and C++ analyses.

Therefore, when using CAST AIP Service Packs 8.3.20 - 8.3.23, please either:

  • Upgrade your JEE extension to a compatible release (i.e. ≥ 1.0.28 or ≥ 1.2.10-funcrel) OR
  • Upgrade CAST AIP to a more recent Service Pack (≥ 8.3.24) which are compatible with older releases of the JEE Analyzer extension

If upgrading the JEE Analyzer extension or CAST AIP is not possible, please contact CAST Technical Support

Resolved issues 

The following issues have been fixed in this release of the JEE Analyzer extension:

Internal IDCall IDSummary

Many occurences of the warning JAVA131 while step "JEE053: Parsing Framework java files.

Permanent Fix - Unable to process JEE analysis


Permanent Fix - [MIGRATION][8.3.3] : "MemMngrDLL_FreeMemoryHandler(): 3 memory leaks found in the RAM-handler #1 being released."


Analysis fails with message"Unable to process JEE analysis, error in project"


Permanent Fix - [MIGRATION][8.3.3] : "Unable to Process JEE analysis"


PERMANENT FIX - [1702][8.2.3 ReOnboarding][VAA] Links missing between jsp to java method.

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