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CAST AIP Service Packs 8.3.20 - 8.3.23 are compatible only with the latest releases of the JEE Analyzer extension, i.e. 1.0.28 and 1.2.10-funcrel. Using older releases of the extension with these CAST AIP Service Packs risks incomplete analysis results (missing objects, links, violations, erroneous FP values) for JEE and C++ analyses.

Therefore, when using CAST AIP Service Packs 8.3.20 - 8.3.23, please either:

  • Upgrade your JEE extension to a compatible release (i.e. ≥ 1.0.28 or ≥ 1.2.10-funcrel) OR
  • Upgrade CAST AIP to a more recent Service Pack (≥ 8.3.24) which are compatible with older releases of the JEE Analyzer extension

If upgrading the JEE Analyzer extension or CAST AIP is not possible, please contact CAST Technical Support . 



Stability and Performance Improvements

  • The exception safety of the analyzer is improved
  • Performance of JSP analysis parts is improved
  • Performance of Java analysis with imports and type parameters is improved

Link improvements

  • In previous releases, 'Use' links existed between JPA/HIB entities based on the usage of one entity inside the other. These links were generated only for the following QR: 'Avoid Hibernate and JPA Entities using many-to-many association', which polluted the transactions. To improve the transactions, these links are now removed and the QR is rewritten. This update results in better bookmarks for the violations related to the aforementioned QR.

    Most of the transactions will appear as modified, due to the huge impact of the update.

  • A regression that caused missing links to Lombok annotations is fixed.
  • Incorrect links between objects from Java source vs Class files are fixed.

Rule improvements

Rule ID

Rule Name


7220Avoid Unused ImportsA regression in the creation of links to Lombok annotations was fixed. False positives as a result of this were fixed.
7492Avoid Hibernate and JPA Entities using many-to-many association.

This name of this rule has been changed from "Avoid many-to-many association" to "Avoid Hibernate and JPA Entities using many-to-many association". The bookmarks for the violations of this QR is also improved.

The documentation has also been updated and the rule has been recoded per JFAMILY-1534.

8110Use dedicated stored procedures when multiple data accesses are needed (ASCPEM-PRF-10)False positives for this rule have been fixed as part of JFAMILY-1850.
8112Avoid improper processing of the execution status of data handling operationsMissing violations for java.sql.PreparedStatement is now displayed when a snapshot is taken.

Resolved issues

Below table lists the bugs fixed in the current release.

Internal ID

Ticket ID 



JFAMILY-126713425Inference Engine crash during JEE analysis leads to missing links

The problem comes from jee Analyzer with a bad input to InferenceEngine. Now, after the fix, if this kind of problem arises, IE pushes a warning on this object but, does not stop IE. IE disables this object and the analyzer continues without crashing and the expected links are created.

JFAMILY-136119251Java analysis failed with warning Database BCP operation dbbcp_done failed on table castapp_local.IN_LINKSThe warning message for this issue has been updated.
JFAMILY-153419937Wrong Use Links between JPA EntitiesNo more 'use' links between JPA/HIB entities, better bookmarks for violations related to QR ID 7492 and most, if not all, transactions will appear to be modified.
JFAMILY-160020032DLM reviewed links still appear in Enlighten and TCC as valid linksLinks marked false via DLM are not seen.
JFAMILY-164620376Call link should be implemented in entry point "%Java-thread"Impact in Transactions. Call links have been added to the Generic Set "All called methods (GS)"
JFAMILY-165020217False-positive for the rule "Avoid using native methods (JNI)"False positives are not seen with this extension.
JFAMILY-185021642Violation deleted in current run for rule - Avoid improper processing of the execution status of data handling operationsThe missing violation for PreparedStatement is now displayed.
JFAMILY-1860-False violation for the rule: "Avoid Unused Imports"Missing links to Lombok annotations are created. The related false violations have been removed.
JFAMILY-185521594Modified EFP is high post fixing Java analysis issue due to links created to .class files instead of .java filesThe missing links are now created.
JFAMILY-187121886Java analysis crashed with the warning: Log the exception informationThe analysis now runs successfully without crashing.
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