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CAST AIP Service Packs 8.3.20 - 8.3.23 are compatible only with the latest releases of the JEE Analyzer extension, i.e. 1.0.28 and 1.2.10-funcrel. Using older releases of the extension with these CAST AIP Service Packs risks incomplete analysis results (missing objects, links, violations, erroneous FP values) for JEE and C++ analyses.

Therefore, when using CAST AIP Service Packs 8.3.20 - 8.3.23, please either:

  • Upgrade your JEE extension to a compatible release (i.e. ≥ 1.0.28 or ≥ 1.2.10-funcrel) OR
  • Upgrade CAST AIP to a more recent Service Pack (≥ 8.3.24) which are compatible with older releases of the JEE Analyzer extension

If upgrading the JEE Analyzer extension or CAST AIP is not possible, please contact CAST Technical Support . 


JFAMILY-1147 - PostgreSQL connectivity

A change has been implemented to introduce a connectivity layer compatible with PostgreSQL 10 and 11.

Resolved issues

The following customer bugs have been fixed in this release of the JEE Analyzer extension:

Internal IDTicket IDSummaryImpact
JFAMILY-92415109Warning : Java-Lexer: Invalid String literal
JFAMILY-105016329Wrong link between java method and Java Lambda ExpressionPossibility of reduced number of links because some wrong link formations is rectified.
JFAMILY-107816612Missing link between java methods in the same analysis unit
JFAMILY-111317062JEE Analysis- Log the exception information: Unknown Exception...
JFAMILY-113717255no java files analysed due to exception in Jee analysis
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