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AIP Console

See the following for more information:

CAST Management Studio

When you are satisfied that you have configured your analysis correctly, we suggest that you run a test analysis at Application level before you generate a new snapshot (no results will be saved to the CAST Analysis Service):

  • On completion, you should check the test analysis log file and then clear up any warning or error messages that have been returned by reconfiguring the analysis - see JEE - Analysis messages for more information about log messages:

  • When all issues and problems have been resolved, you can then use the Run Analysis only option to perform an analysis AND save the results in the CAST Analysis Service:

  • When using the Run Analysis only option, you can specify various analysis debug options, specific to JEE - note that these are for advanced debugging of analysis and are normally not required:

Keep Generated Files from JSPWhen you select this option, generated .JAVA files for the JSP Implementation Classes will be stored in the LISA folder.
Please note that for all these options, any generated files will be stored in the LISA folder as follows:

<Unique_Application_ID>\<source_code_folder>\J2EEGenerated files

See Preferences > CAST General in the CAST Management Studio for more information about the location of the LISA folder.

Keep Generated Files from Java AnnotationsWhen you select this option, XML Annotation files generated when an Environment Profile (that includes detection of Java annotations) is used, will be stored in the LISA folder. I.e. intermediate files that are generated from Java annotations and that are used by XML query files to manage Java annotation semantic (i.e. create objects and links induced by annotations) will be copied into the LISA folder.
Keep Generated Files from EJB
When you select this option, generated files for EJB will be stored in the LISA folder.
Keep Generated Files from Web Service
When you select this option, generated files for Web Services will be stored in the LISA folder.
Keep Generated CAST Script from XML and AnnotationsThis option enables you to choose a location to store the .castscript files that are generated following an analysis (via Environment Profile) that uses the XQuery/Zorba processing mechanism. This can be particularly useful if you are receiving errors during the analysis and you want to modify your XQuery file so that it outputs syntax that can be understood by the JEE Analyzer.

If this option is deactivated, .castscript files will still be generated, but they will not be retained after the analysis.

Activate CAST Scripts traces

When the checkbox is selected, all Log messages with DEBUG level called in .castscript files will be logged in the analysis log as an information message with the prefix "DEBUG: ", for example:

log("this is a debug message", DEBUG) will generate Information "DEBUG: This is a DEBUG message" in the Log.

This information can help you refine and tune your .castscript function so that they work as expected. See also Manage XML configuration files.

  • You should then check the analysis results using the CAST dashboards and/or CAST Enlighten.
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