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Shipped with CAST AIP - this denotes the fact that the extension is shipped with CAST AIP and installed by default with new CAST AIP schemas and during a CAST AIP upgrade. Extensions not shipped with CAST AIP will need to be downloaded and installed manually.


ExtensionExtension IDShipped with CAST AIP?
JEE Analyzercom.castsoftware.jee(tick)

Framework support

ExtensionExtension IDShipped with CAST AIP?
Apache Camelcom.castsoftware.camel(error)

Apache Struts

Batch Analyzercom.castsoftware.springbatch(error)
EJB (Enterprise Java Beans)com.castsoftware.ejb(error) 
Google Web Toolkitcom.castsoftware.gwt(error)
IBM EAD4J Jadecom.castsoftware.ead4j(error)
Java Swingcom.castsoftware.swing(error)
NoSQL for Javacom.castsoftware.nosqljava(error)
Program Calls for Javacom.castsoftware.java2program(error)
REST Service Calls for Java

Spring Datacom.castsoftware.springdata(error)
Spring MVCcom.castsoftware.springmvc(error)
Spring Securitycom.castsoftware.springsecurity(error)
Spring WebFlowcom.castsoftware.springwebflow(error)

Discovery / Extraction support

ExtensionExtension IDShipped with CAST AIP?
JEE File Discoverercom.castsoftware.dmtjeefilediscoverer(error)
JEE Manifest Discoverercom.castsoftware.dmtjeemanifestdiscoverer(error)
DMT extractor for Maven remote repository on HTTP or HTTPScom.castsoftware.jee-mavenhttp(tick)
Gradle Project Discoverercom.castsoftware.dmtjeegradlediscoverer(error)
JEE Netbeans Discoverercom.castsoftware.dmtjeenetbeansdiscoverer(error)
JEE Maven Build Extractorcom.castsoftware.dmtmavenbuildextractor(error)
Eclipse Project Discoverer *See note below.

Maven Project Discoverer *(tick)
DMT extractor for Maven local repository *(tick)
Eclipse no nature Project Discoverer *(tick)
Web JSP Discoverer *(tick)

CAST Delivery Manager Tool "discoverers" marked with a "*" are not currently provided as extensions: instead they are embedded in CAST AIP and are therefore present "out of the box".


ExtensionExtension IDShipped with CAST AIP?
JEE Rulescom.castsoftware.jeerules(error)

Security for Java

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