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Summary: Documentation for the Highlight 2 MRI extension.

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What's new?

See Highlight 2 MRI - 1.0 - Release Notes.


The Highlight 2 MRI extension provides a solution for those wishing to view CAST Highlight results directly in CAST Imaging. This functions as follows:

  • The Highlight 2 MRI extension includes an embedded version of the CAST Highlight agent.
  • When an analysis is completed, the CAST Highlight agent is then launched and will scan all objects generated by the analysis in AIP Console.
  • The CAST Highlight agent will inject CAST Highlight results as properties of objects generated during the analysis.
  • The application is then exported/imported into CAST Imaging as normal
  • The CAST Highlight results can then be visualized as CAST Imaging tags and/or documents. See below.

This extension is only visible in CAST Extend for those Extend users that are also CAST Highlight customers.


CAST Imaging≥ 2.9.0(tick)

Download and installation instructions

What results can you expect?

CAST Highlight results will be visible in CAST Imaging as tags and/or documents:

Note that the screenshots shown below may not be an accurate representation of this release. These images will be improved in a future release.



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