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CAST Administrators

Summary: Information about extracting source code from a local/network file system using the CAST Delivery Manager Tool.
Note that the local/network file system configuration in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool is not currently provided as an extension (such as for CVS and Git), instead it is provided "out-of-the-box" in CAST AIP/CAST Delivery Manager Tool.


This configuration provides the means to extract source code from a local/network file system. In other words, file based source code that resides in a simple local or network folder. 


When adding a new source code package, choose the Files on your file system option and click Next to continue:

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When selected, the above item provides the following screen with the Folder on your local file system option already selected:

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The Package Configuration tab will then be displayed, enabling you to configure access to the source code:

1Enter the location of the folder that contains your target source code - or use the browse button to locate the folder you require. This can be a network location or a folder on your local machine.
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