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Summary: Documentation for the Core Metrics extension.

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Release Notes

See Core Metrics - 1.0 - Release Notes.


This extension provides an algorithm for generating Line of Code (LOC) counts. The algorithm is an improved and more precise version of the Line of Code count mechanism which is built in to AIP Core. Installing the extension will mean that any Line of Code values reported by AIP (for example in the CAST Dashboards) will use the extension's algorithm and not the mechanism built into AIP Core.

The extension is designed to resolve a recurring issue found when looking at the results of CAST AIP analyses when the built-in Line of Code count mechanism is used: when building user-defined modules (UDM) to group together specific objects, some objects may be filtered/excluded. The Line of Count counts produced for these UDMs can therefore be misleading because the algorithm uses source code LOCs which may include the specific objects that have been filtered/excluded from the UDM. The algorithm provided in this extension uses artifact based LOC counts and is able to distinguish when an object has been excluded from a UDM and will therefore not include it in the LOC count.

It is possible to revert to the default Line of Code count mechanism provided in AIP Core by uninstalling the extension.


AIP Core≥ 8.3.16(tick)

Download and installation instructions

If you have previously used the Code Lines extension, you must ensure that this extension is removed from %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\CAST\Extensions on your AIP Node BEFORE you download and install the Core Metrics extension.

What results can you expect?

The Code Lines extension will alter the results produced by the following built-in metrics:

  • #10151: Number of Code Lines
  • #10107: Number of Comment Lines

When compared with LOC counts produced by the mechanism built-in to AIP Core, there is expected to be a +/- 5% difference in values.

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