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Resolved issues

Internal IDCall IDDescriptionSummary


ASP.NET Web extension does not take into account the notation for HTTP and creates all possible objects

ASP.NET Web extension creates wrong objects

WEBAPI-5816071Extend page and plugin.nuspec file of ASP .Net Web API Support has a wrong description for AFP. It is mentioned as: Automatic Function Point where in AFP stands for Automated Function Points, not Automatic.

AFP stands for Automated, not Automatic


Resolved issues

Internal IDCall IDDescriptionSummary
WEBAPI-7316453".NET SOAP operation" object type is not visible on TCC.Any DotNet operation not visible in TCC
WEBAPI-62-Improvements to logic detecting Controllers and derivation of route urlsControllers inheriting indirectly from ApiController are now  detected
Fixed behavior of RoutePrefix attribute
Improved behavior of url derivation for convention and attribute based routing


WEBAPI-72:  Manage ASHX and ASMX files for generic web handler and web services, is a new feature added in 1.0.1-funcrel


Resolved issues

Internal IDCall IDSummary
WEBAPI-37-Route urls are hosted relative to parent controller
WEBAPI-36-Support of parameters in the routing path


-URI Parameters are wrong for no overload endpoints with no annotations
WEBAPI-31-Template URLs are wrong if they contain anything but {id}
WEBAPI-30-AspNetCore MVC analysis does not detect Controllers
WEBAPI-29-Overloaded methods or methods with same names in diff class cause wrong URI
WEBAPI-27-Wrong bookmark in CODE Viewer for POST Operation
WEBAPI-14-Wrong parameters in the api operations
WEBAPI-13-Bookmarks are wrong on web services
WEBAPI-12-REST service formats are wrong
WEBAPI-10-Found duplicate GUID in the ASP WEB API
WEBAPI-2-ASP .Net MVC Support - Routing in ASP.NET Web API not supported


Initial release

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