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Imaging Advisor provides information about the status of your application (i.e., the level of "cloud readiness" of your application) with regard to a migration to a cloud provider such as AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Oracle Cloud. Information is presented in a way that makes it easy to see exactly which objects in your application may need work to ensure a smooth migration to a cloud provider (for example, removal if they are not supported in a cloud environment).

Currently the Imaging Advisor functions for:

  • Migration to AWS (Amazon Web Services)
    • Oracle Database to Amazon Aurora
  • Migration to Oracle Cloud 
    • Oracle Database to Oracle Cloud

Accessing the Imaging Advisor

Imaging Advisor is accessed directly from the User Guide - GUI - Welcome Page:

Click to enlarge

You are offered a choice of cloud provider - tiles that are displayed are dependent on the type of source code your application contains:

Clicking the service provider will take you directly to the Imaging Advisor UI.


Information provided is divided into three categories:

  • Quick Wins - an inventory of items that require little or no changes to be compliant with cloud provider requirements
  • Minor Cleanup - an inventory of items that require some minor refactoring
  • Major Cleanup - an inventory of items that require major refactoring

Above categories/tiles will be enabled only when there are identified checks classified for the respective categories.

Get more insights

Clicking any of the Get more insights buttons will lead you to the following screen, which lists each Check (provided by CAST), associated with the selected application, which potentially need fixing or updating before a migration to a cloud provider. In the example below, for the "Major cleanup needed" there are six types of Checks which should be fixed before a migration:

Following screen is displayed when you click on a Check. The screen provides an interactive list of the objects impacted by the specific criteria (on the left-hand side). Selecting an object in the left-hand panel shows all the other objects accessing the selected object on the right side.

Left hand panel

Lists the objects impacted by the selected criterion.

Rationale, RemediationRemediation Sample

The split screen below the object table displays information such as Rationale, Remediation, and Remediation Sample for the selected object. This information is obtained from the quality rule that Imaging Advisor is showing information about. This information can help you to make the changes that are required before moving to cloud (advisor is "advising" on using rules that are related to that process):

Right hand panel - mapSelecting an object in the left hand panel shows the selected object and, depending on the criteria, other objects as well. Selecting an object in the right hand panel will automatically display the object's "Properties" as shown in the image above.

Investigate button in right hand panel

Use the Investigate button to move into the CAST Imaging view directly on the selected object:

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