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See here for more information about the third-party software that is shipped and installed with CAST Imaging.



If you would like to start using CAST Imaging 1.3.0 and you already have a previous release of CAST Imaging installed, please see Updating from 1.2.x to 1.3.x. If you would like to start using CAST Imaging 1.3.0 on a machine on which no previous release is installed, please follow CAST Imaging installation on Microsoft Windows.


Introduction of basic user management 

It is now possible to configure and manage users within CAST Imaging - for example to create additional users other than the default "admin" users created during the installation process.

Exporter.exe will now ZIP the data output

The exporter.exe tool will now automatically ZIP the CSV output data. This ZIP is used when importing the Application data into CAST Imaging. See Export the CSV data.

Introduction of Application Management via a GUI

It is now possible to import and remove Application data using a graphical user interface. See Admin Center - Application management panel. Note that the CLI tools importer.exe and remover.exe that were used in previous releases to import/remove Application data have been removed from v. 1.3.0 and are no longer available for use.

Search index ready out-of-the box

The Search index is now generated automatically and there is no longer any need to generate this manually as in previous releases of CAST Imaging.

Transition for Levels - Application

A new feature has been added for the applications view. The segregation of concept nodes has been defined in an intuitive way, these nodes are grouped based on their family and is visible to the user. The user can navigate across levels like from level 1 to level 4 and will see the path of transition in terms of intermediate grouped nodes. 

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Ability to export view to various formats

Views can now be exported in different formats such as:

  • PNG
  • SVG
  • JPG
  • JSON
  • CSV

PNG, SVG and JPG exports the current view in image format. JSON exports the current view in text format. CSV exports the current view in excel format, you may also view it in text format.

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Behaviour changes in levels

Some changes have been made to the way users can interact with levels:

  • It is no longer possible to hide a concept or a group node
  • It is no longer possible to save a level view

Known issues and vulnerabilities

  • At the current time, it is only possible to extract data from an Analysis Service which contains one single Application.
  • Not all objects and links from the Analysis Service schema are loaded in CAST Imaging (i.e. nothing below Java class). Only link type implemented are "references" for links between concept nodes and call links between objects.
  • No count of number of objects for Transactions view
  • No double click on Edge on level 5 view for Transactions scope
  • Expand features and double click(Investigation) do not work in saved views
  • No ability to restrict viewing for users who should not see all applications
  • Applications containing the following technologies cannot be imported into CAST Imaging at the current time:
    • PeopleSoft
    • Siebel
    • Informatica
  • When using the Save View functionality: if nodes have been grouped together (using the Grouping feature) before the view is saved, when the saved view is subsequently opened, instead of displaying the "grouped node" icon to represent the grouped nodes, the nodes themselves will be displayed on top of each other.
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