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Summary: information about how to update a 1.2.x installation of CAST Imaging to 1.3.x.



The target machine must already have an existing installation of CAST Imaging installed on it.

(tick)The existing installation must be release 1.2.x.

Technical information

The update process requires that you uninstall the previous release of CAST Imaging and then install 1.3.x from scratch using the ImagingSystemSetup.exe installer. All existing data will be retained. Step-by-step instructions are provided below.

Step 1 - Uninstall previous release of CAST Imaging

See Uninstall process.

Note that the uninstall will leave the Application database in place on disk. This data is re-used in Step 3.

Step 2 - Install 1.3.x release of CAST Imaging

See CAST Imaging installation on Microsoft Windows.

Ensure you install the new release to the same location as the previous installation!

Step 3 - Run the updater.exe tool

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The final step is to run the updater.exe tool to update the Application data to ensure it is compatible with the new release. This tool is installed with CAST Imaging and can be found in the following location:


To run the updater, run the following command, adapting to your environment:

updater.exe --applications <applications> --neo4juri bolt://<ip_address_or_server_name>:7687 --neo4juser neo4j --neo4jpassword imaging --log <path_to_log_file>


-h / --help

Displays the help message.
--logEnter the location for the output log file. This file must exist. Default = No log.

Enter the names of the Applications you want to update separated by a space (you can update one or multiple Applications) - these names must match the names of the Applications that already existed in CAST Imaging prior to the uninstall described in Step 1.

--debugUse this option to log all messages generated during the import process. Default = false.

Enter URL to your Neo4j graph database. Default = bolt://localhost:7687. Change localhost to the IP address or server name of the machine on which CAST Imaging has been installed if necessary.

--neo4juserEnter the neo4j user login. Default = neo4j.
--neo4jpasswordEnter the neo4j password corresponding to the user entered in --neo4juser. Default = imaging.

The update process is complete when indicated in the log file:

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All updated Application data will now be re-usable in the 1.3.x release of CAST Imaging.