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Redirection Notice

This page will redirect to TECHNOS:PeopleSoft 5.1 - Release Notes.

On this page:

Target audience:

CAST Administrators

Although this extension is officially supported by CAST, please note that it has been developed within the technical constraints of the CAST Universal Analyzer technology and to some extent adapted to meet specific customer needs. Therefore the extension may not address all of the coding techniques and patterns that exist for the target technology and may not produce the same level of analysis and precision regarding e.g. quality measurement and/or function point counts that are typically produced by other CAST AIP analyzers.

What's new?

PeopleSoft 5.1.3 - funcrel

Bug fixing. See PeopleSoft 5.1 - Bug Fix List.

PeopleSoft 5.1.2 - funcrel

Bug fixing. See PeopleSoft 5.1 - Bug Fix List.

PeopleSoft 5.1.1 - funcrel

Bug fixing. See PeopleSoft 5.1 - Bug Fix List.

PeopleSoft 5.1.0 - funcrel

Offline delivery

Automated exclusion of Vanilla violations

  • A snapshot must now be generated for the Vanilla, just like for the Project. In previous releases of the PeopleSoft extension, only an analysis was required for the Vanilla.
  • Violations that were (incorrectly) reported on the Vanilla analysis/snapshot in previous releases of the extension are now filtered automatically and will not be reported. This clears a limitation that has been present for some time.


  • The specific manual configuration of Content Enrichment tools that was required in previous releases of the PeopleSoft extension is now automatically handled by the extension and it is no longer necessary to create these tools manually.
  • Bug fixing. See PeopleSoft 5.1 - Bug Fix List.
  • Several new Quality Rules have been introduced in this release:
1600108PeopleSoft: Check if "Commit" statements have been used only where it is necessary
1600110PeopleSoft: Check existence of "Update", "Insert" & "Delete" Statements using SQLExec function
1600460PeopleSoft: Isolate common expressions
1600496PeopleSoft: Send messages in the SavePostChange event
1600538PeopleSoft: Using the GetNextNumberWithGaps Function
1600676CWE-484: Put Break statements in your Evaluate statements (PeopleSoft)
1600678PeopleSoft: Consolidating PeopleCode Programs
1600680PeopleSoft: Move PeopleCode to a Component or Page Definition
1600840CWE-798: Avoid using hardcoded usernames (PeopleSoft)

Upgrading from PeopleSoft 5.0 to 5.1

See PeopleSoft 5.1 - Upgrading from 5.0 to 5.1 for more information.


Please see Siebel and PeopleSoft - FAQs for more information.

Function Point, Quality and Sizing support

This extension provides the following support:

  • Function Points (transactions): a green tick indicates that OMG Function Point counting and Transaction Risk Index are supported
  • Quality and Sizing: a green tick indicates that CAST can measure technical size (LoC, Number of classes, Number of Programs, …) and that a minimum set of Quality Rules exist
Function Points
Quality and Sizing

CAST AIP compatibility

CAST AIP releasePeopleSoft 5.1.0
The latest release status of this extension can be seen when downloading it from the CAST Extend server.

Supported DBMS servers

For CAST AIP schemas

Microsoft SQL Server(error)

For PeopleSoft applications

The extension supports PeopleSoft applications installed on the following DBMS:

Oracle Server(tick)
DB2 UDB(tick)

Supported Versions

This extension provides support for the following PeopleTools versions:

PeopleTools versionSupported
Note that the PeopleTools versions above 8.48 that are listed in the table above are supported, but new functionalities or syntax introduced in these versions are not supported.

Tables required to grant access to the PeopleSoft repository

The following database tables are likely to be accessed during the PeopleSoft extraction process: PEOPLESOFT_TABLES.txt.

Note that the list of tables is taken from a PeopleSoft 8.50 repository. If you are extracting from a more recent PeopleSoft repository, the list of tables is still valid.

What results can you expect?


The following specific objects are displayed in CAST Enlighten:


PeopleSoft Activity

PeopleSoft ActivityEmail

PeopleSoft ActivityEvent

PeopleSoft ActivityReport

PeopleSoft ActivitySchedule

PeopleSoft ActivityStep

PeopleSoft ActivityWorklist

PeopleSoft Application Engine Action Call

PeopleSoft Application Engine Action Message

PeopleSoft Application Engine Action Peoplecode

PeopleSoft Application Engine Action SQL

PeopleSoft Application Engine Action XSLT

PeopleSoft Application Engine Action Deamon Only

PeopleSoft Application Engine Action Import Only

PeopleSoft Application Engine Action Section

PeopleSoft Application Engine Action Section Market

PeopleSoft Application Engine Action Standard

PeopleSoft Application Engine Action Step

PeopleSoft Application Engine Action Transform Only

PeopleSoft Application Engine Action Upgrade Only

PeopleSoft Application Class

PeopleSoft Application Class Execute

PeopleSoft Application Method

PeopleSoft Application Package

PeopleSoft Permission Component Interface

PeopleSoft Permission CI Method

PeopleSoft Authentication CnhlMon

PeopleSoft Authentication Cube

PeopleSoft Authentication Item

PeopleSoft Authentication Mobile Page

PeopleSoft Authentication Option

PeopleSoft Authentication Process

PeopleSoft Authentication Queue Monitor

PeopleSoft Authentication WebService

PeopleSoft BusinessProcess

PeopleSoft BusinessProcessItem

PeopleSoft CompInterface Event

PeopleSoft CI Property Level 0  Event

PeopleSoft CI Property Level 1  Event

PeopleSoft CI Property Level 2  Event

PeopleSoft Component

PeopleSoft Component Event

PeopleSoft Component Interface

PeopleSoft CI Collection Level 1

PeopleSoft CI Collection Level 2

PeopleSoft CI Collection Level 3

PeopleSoft CI CreateKey

PeopleSoft CI FindKey

PeopleSoft CI GetKey

PeopleSoft CI Property Level 0

PeopleSoft CI Property Level 1

PeopleSoft CI Property Level 2

PeopleSoft CI Property Level 3

PeopleSoft CI User Property Level 0

PeopleSoft CI User Property Level 1

PeopleSoft CI User Property Level 2

PeopleSoft CI User Property Level 3

PeopleSoft Component Item

PeopleSoft Component Record

PeopleSoft ComponentRecord Event

PeopleSoft ComponentRecord Field

PeopleSoft ComponentRecordField Event

PeopleSoft DBField

PeopleSoft Environment

PeopleSoft Field Format

PeopleSoft Field Label Item

PeopleSoft Field XLAT Item

PeopleSoft File Layout

PeopleSoft HTML

PeopleSoft Menu

PeopleSoft Menu Bar

PeopleSoft Menu Event


PeopleSoft Menu Item

PeopleSoft Menu Popup

PeopleSoft Message

PeopleSoft Message Catalog

PeopleSoft Message Event

PeopleSoft Message Node

PeopleSoft Message Sent


PeopleSoft Mobile Page

PeopleSoft Message Channel

PeopleSoft Message Subscription

PeopleSoft Package

PeopleSoft Page

PeopleSoft SubPage

PeopleSoft SecondaryPage

PeopleSoft Page Event

PeopleSoft Page Field0

PeopleSoft Page Field1

PeopleSoft Page Field2

PeopleSoft Page Field3

PeopleSoft Page Field Level1

PeopleSoft Page Field Level2

PeopleSoft Page Field Level3

PeopleSoft PeopleCodeFunction

PeopleSoft Permission List

PeopleSoft Portal Content Reference

PeopleSoft Portal Folder

PeopleSoft Portal Registry

PeopleSoft Process

PeopleSoft ProcessGroup

PeopleSoft ProcessJob

PeopleSoft Query

PeopleSoft RecordDerived

PeopleSoft RecordDynamic

PeopleSoft RecordFieldDB

PeopleSoft RecordFieldEvent

PeopleSoft RecordField

PeopleSoft RecordIndex

PeopleSoft RecordQuery

PeopleSoft RecordSub

PeopleSoft RecordTable

PeopleSoft RecordTemp

PeopleSoft RecordView

PeopleSoft Role

PeopleSoft SQL

PeopleSoft StyleSheet

PeopleSoft SubPackage

PeopleSoft Subscription Event

PeopleSoft URL

PeopleSoft User

Documentation of PeopleSoft Quality Rules and Metrics

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